Im going to Deer creek for the first time tomorrow.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if I am going to have trouble finding a minnow/nightcrawler bait store around there?

  2. if you are going anywhere near 76 and rt 14 try bp archery and tackle good people great bait new store they are at the corner of 14 and 18

  3. Thanks, I will keep a lookout for it. Im coming from Columbus and it looks like I will have to pull out the map because I dont see that on my mapquest directions.

    Thanks for the info
  4. they probably have u across 71 to 77 then to 62 if that is the case another nice tackle shop would be tall tails it will be on your right hand side about 1/2 mile after 62 dead ends good luck there are some huge bass out there
  5. Its got me going Down through DarbyVille actually. I bet theres one in that area.
    Im showing a boat ramp off of Longberry-Dewercreek road. Im looking forward on trying a new lake.
    Thanks for the info
  6. lol awww i got the wrong deer creek though you were up in my area sorry for the miss info good luck anyway
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    mary's bait shop in'll go right past it on your way.
  8. Frosties is also right there on the road heading towards the spillway.
  9. Yeah I got to the boat ramp and I didnt see any bait shops on the way so I passed it up looking for one. I ended up crossing passed the dam and found Frosties.
    Thanks for all the info. My second cast of the day I got a 17inch saugeye and that was about it. No crappies at all.
  10. Basskisser1

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    Best bait store is Lee's @ 665 and 62.