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  1. After 8+ years I've finally had enough of AOL. About a month ago I received an unauthorized AOL upgrade. The main feature of this version is to drop my dialup connection 3-4 times before successfully letting me in. I've tried all the available phone#s and that's not the problem.

    I have no DSL or Cable available where I live, so I'm merely looking for another ISP. Verizon is advertising $22.95/mo for unlimited internet plus 4 emailboxes (10MB each), Personal web space (10MB), and they'll waive the setup fee if you register online. Is this a good deal compared to other offers? I'd appreciate any opinions.
  2. keep a close eye on your credit card...they will keep billing you
    I had to close the account and have a new card issued

  3. I never had AOL, but my credit card number was stolen and they used it to set up an AOL account. It took me months + canceling the replacement credit card to get rid of AOL.

    You might want to try a cell card. If you get a good cell signal you can get your internet that way. Probably faster than your dialup ISP. Prices are becoming more competitive now that more cell carriers are getting into internet.
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    I have been using Juno for over 10 years and like it.have no problems in over 10 years.they also have netzero that is same way.9.99 a month.can you beat that for price or service


    i have verizon dsl for a few yrs and never had a problem with them the only thing is make sure u sign up for a yr contract at that price and renew it when the yr contract for another yr when it is comeing due and if u dont verizon will try and charge u a larger amount per month. and if that happens call them and tell them u want the yr contract and they will credit u the difference.
  6. Are you saying I can get high speed internet on my home pc by linking my home pc to my verizon cell phone? I'm liking that idea! I forgot to add that I have no WIFI signal where I live, but I do get excellent cell phone (voice) reception.
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    Yep, take a look at some of the cards on Verizon and you'll get a good idea of what's out there. I'm not sure of the transfer rates, but you can definitely hook up to the internet through a similar wireless network. It will be more expensive, but I'm fairly positive it will be faster than dial-up. Here is a link to one example. I suggest checking with all the various wireless services out there and see who will give you the best deal/signal

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    good luck, have you ever heard the tape on tv and radio about the the trouble one guy recieved from an aol csr on the phone when he tried to cancel his account? he has been on a few big news shows.
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    Cancelled AOL years ago and it was very difficult (they flat out don't take "no" for an answer, they will try everything in the book to keep you on).Yes, I was also billed several times after I closed my AOL account (charges were eventually removed from the bill), did the same thing as others - closed my CC account. In hindsight, I'd close the C.C. account first and then tell AOL you're done, nothing they can do.
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    can't help with the wireless thing,but i'm with the others on aol.never used them either,but have heard the same story told here about 1000 times.they are big trouble when trying to cancel.
    erik has the idea.exactly what i'd do.
    the best defense is a good offense;)
  11. Just spoke to my wife about this credit card thing. She's dead set against me closing the card...says she has other automatic payments on it besides the AOL. I'm going to try calling AOL and have them start billing me thru the mail. Once that takes effect, I'm done.
  12. what have you decided about this? I am in the same EXACT BOAT!
  13. YES, YES, YES, CANCEL the card, you'll get a new one in a day or two. I too have heard of HORROR stories about aol, then you cancel'em & they will offer you 72 virgins to stay on.

  14. Yes. I even have used a blackberry for access thru a cable or bluetooth to my PC. Not as quick as your home broadband (DSL, cable) but it is quite mobile and faster than dial-up. As others have said, do some shopping. They're all trying to get your business and there are some deals out there. If you use a laptop or more than one PC, try to get a card that us usable in multiple PCs. The best type for home use (as with a home network) is one that can be placed a bit away from the box and connected thru a cable instead of a hardwired card in the back of the unit.
  15. Have fun!

    My advice:

    Call them and tell them you have sold your computer, this is the last phone call you are making before shutting off the phone and then you are moving to Djibouti to begin a Hare Krishna mission trip...
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  16. Good luck dumpin' the "chumps" ! ! ! !

    If you do have to stick with dial-up, try www.ohiohills.com I believe that they have aceess #'s for all areas of Ohio, and they are only $10.99/month. you can use their programs, or just yours (IE, Netscape, Thunderbird, ...) I've been with tem for 4years now without a problem.
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    do they have unlimited access,or limited monthly hours?
  18. Unlimited access and i believe either 5 or 10 e-mail addresses plus site space.
  19. I was useing a card to pay for my aol and when I got rid of aol I called the credit card company and blocked them. The good thing is that I did not tell aol I was done and it took them a while to figure it out so I got some free time until my satalite was in.