Im Done With Long Range Forecasts

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Big Joshy, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. just two days ago it was supposed to be below freezing all this week. Now its not supposed to get below freezing all week. IM DONE. CALL ME WHEN THERES ICE!
  2. I have two full trays in the freezer.:rolleyes: :p :D :D ...Merry Christmas

  3. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    How big is your freezer? I'm on vacation for the next 8 days and will be looking for ice!:D
  4. I'd bet there's fish in that freezer also!
  5. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    All the better!!! No cleaning needed.
  6. ezbite

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    no ice this year:D
  7. Don't speak too soon. A good cold snap and even the big pond will hold fishermen.
    Merry Christmas!
  8. chaunc

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    Anybody got an open seat for mosquito tomorrow?:D Hope the ramp is open this time, Jim.
  9. ParmaBass

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    You shouldn't be sad Peple, you got a boat now!! No ice till mid-Janurary probably :(
  10. There will be ice this year. I'd say I'll be fishing on the inland lakes by Jan. 20th.
  11. forecast says all cold after the 1st of the year. went to Sippo lake yesterday, and it's completely covered with skim ice.
  12. hardwaterfan

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    she's right there guys, all we need is just a bit of a snap and then we'll be fishing. its been darn cold at night lately. when you look at the weather observations or forecasts pay more attention to the lows rather than the highs.

    14 out of the last 15 days has had temps dropping below freezing at night in the cleveland area:
  14. The last two posts are music to my ears!! I heard the story about Big Daddy and the Dance.... Well what r u waiting for!!;) ;) ;)
  15. reelmanly

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    5 days ago I was reading the back of a matchbook cover and it said I could be a forecaster of the weather , I sent in my required $1.98 and received a home study course, there were lots of pictures of clouds and rain and snow and all that, the most valuable instructions were to rely on the 50/50 theory, it said when prediciting to say we have a 50/50 chance of sun or clouds/ rain or snow no wind or wind, hot or cold etc and promsed me that I would be right all the time, there was a small test to take and some of the questions were extremely hard such as who was the first weatherperson to be shot over their forecast, how many friends does a forecaster have, who really cares about Baro pressure, would I like an autographed picture of a weatherguy from Alaska, did I think I can lie with a straight face.
    I E-mailed my answers following their instructions and today I received my Diploma in the mail. Tonight I will try my first prediction on my wife. I will tell her that gale force winds coming out of the SOUTH could possibly be somewhat rancid, and a big BLOW might be coming my way, there will be a big heat wave in a few minutes, and scattered Drizzle may follow, and to be sure to keep the DOG inside until it all blows over. Of cousre it's only a 50/50 prediction!