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I'm an amateur - suggestions welcomed...

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by KevinAce, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. KevinAce

    KevinAce Suckfest Fisherman

    I fished Eastwood a few times on a boat with a buddy & had a little bit of luck catching some large mouths on rubber worms. Needless to say, I was quickly addicted.

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get back out on the water with him & his I've been trying to fish from the shores. I've put in about 20-25 hours of fishing and have been skunked. If I caught a lot & had a drought, I wouldn't mind. But this has been a bit demoralizing.

    Would you guys mind giving me a few pointers on how a beginner should start? I'm not looking to land 5 pound bass. Snagging a small bluegill or a small catfish would satisfy me at this point.

    I've tried worms, top waters (buzz bait mostly), spinners, rapalas (small, medium, large, all at different depths) all to no avail. I've tried Eastwood, Possum Creek, and Huffman Dam with varying conditions (wind, temperature, sunlight, etc).

    Perhaps you guys could point me to a place that's a good place to start out (I'm in Beavercreek OH)? Also recommend some decent bait to start with?

    Hopefully I can get out of this slump & become addicted to fishing again!
  2. fshnteachr

    fshnteachr Lovin' the Outdoors

    3 years ago I knew little to nothing about fishing and went on a canoe trip with my uncle. Once I caught my first bass I was hooked. It IS addicting!! Experience and trial and error are your best teachers.

    Have you tried the rivers? Personally, I fish rivers almost exclusively. The water is shallower and, I think, easier to catch fish than lakes. But, that is just me....because without a boat and electronics it seems it is hard to find the right spots on the lake to fish. Hard to put a fishfinder and depthfinders on my kayak! :) (Even though I have seen them :)

    Anyhow, you are in Beavercreek (I teach in Beavercreek) try the Little Miami River by Treibein Rd. Bridge or go down to Rt.35 and fish by that bridge. I have caught some smallmouths in that stretch. Nothing big, but I like catching numbers, not necessarily all big fish.

    If you want to go up north a bit, another great place for me is the Stillwater River near West Milton. There is a park up there and good fish in that area.

    As for what to use.....I have lots of luck in these spots with anything that will imitate a crayfish. Also, Rapalas are always pretty succesful.

    Anyhow, good luck. If you really want to have fun, get yourself a kayak and float these spots. Its a blast!!

  3. Try Rush Run Lake, from what I understand it is a pretty good lake for bass. I haven't heard anything good about possum creek or huffman.

    I fish primarily for LMB, some SMB. I have had most of my success this year with: 1/8 jig head attached to a spinner w/ a minnow body, YUM pumkinseed lizard and tubes of various colors, some luck with a blade dancer.

    What is strange to me is that what works one year for me may not work the next and what works at one body of water does not work at another.

    Get a magazine subscription, I subscribe to Bass Master but there are a ton of others out there. Keep reading this site there is a lot of good infomation on here.
  4. creekwalker

    creekwalker Moving water...

    I agree with fshteachr, stick to the creeks and rivers if you're on foot. I've worn out many pairs of old tennis shoes wet wading in the creeks and rivers (as my name implies :)).

    As for lures, Yum Crawbug is a great one to start with. Rig it weedless and drag/hop it across the bottom. Rapala minnow, rooster tails, rebel wee craw, tubes and soft jerkbaits are also good ones.

    There was a thread somewhere on here a while back about go to smallie baits and I think it was on creeks/rivers. See if you can dig that one up.

  5. If you want fish, break out some rooster tails (or any kind of inline spinner) and hit the rivers. As noted, you won't catch anything real big, but you will catch some fish. Rock bass, smallmouths, etc. In a river, even larger panfish will hit them.
  6. The YMCA lake in Beavercreek is full of blue gill. If you want to catch a lot of fish, toss in a Rebel Crickhopper with the smallest trebbles. Or try wax worms under a bobber at about a foot. You will catch a ton. You can also go at night there and fish chicken liver off the bottom and catch some cats, nothing huge, but still fun.

    As for SM, try the spots suggested on the river. The LMR under 35 has always been good for me. Try using some small pumpkin seed tubes with rattlers in the tip. For me, I have found that rooster tails are always money and so are roadrunner marabou jigs. Just make sure you fish them slow and bang the heads off of structure...You WILL get bites.

    Anyways, have fun and report back if you have any luck.

  7. "break out some rooster tails (or any kind of inline spinner) and hit the rivers."

    Couldn't put it better myself .... always will get you at least a couple of fish. Get your feet wet and a couple might turn into a bunch.
  8. If you are just down in Beavercreek post up next time you are able to go. Maybe we can hook up and I will take you wading on the LMR for small mouth. I will even supply the lures the first time out. Notice I said the first time, after your addicted you have to purchase your own. Geeze that sounded almost like some drug dealer.
  9. SConner

    SConner Fish Whisperer

    Walter - Get him hooked then tell him he has to buy lures... not fair!
    Kevin - Stick with it, put time on the water, read post on this site and you will be amazed how quickly your "luck" changes. I really just started fishing a year ago and can't believe what I have been able to learn in this time. Warning: When it all clicks and you start catching fish, you will be addicted - no turning back.
  10. KevinAce

    KevinAce Suckfest Fisherman

    I really appreciate all of the feedback you guys have provided. I will certainly try out some of the river spots mentioned & also give the YMCA a try. As a beginner, I don't mind bringing in 6 oz bluegill. Once I get things down, I can get a bit greedy & go for larger / more prestigious fish.

    Walter...if I'm still skunked on my next few times out, I might take you up on that offer. No worries on providing the bait though. Tell me what to buy & I'll buy it. Hell...maybe I can bring a ladder & get some of my lures out of the trees at Huffman...

    Again, thanks for all the feedback. I'm going to hit up some of the spots mentioned. I'll report back here (hopefully with good news, and maybe some pictures!).
  11. It looks like there are a lot of Beavercreek folk on here (including me!). Awesome. I'm always up for meeting up with some fellow fisherman as well since most of mine have babies or moved away. If anyone is interested let me know.

    For the record, the YMCA has some VERY nice fish, but your odds of getting them are slim to none. Usually it's quantity with NO quality. I have two pics below from a couple years back. I just don't go there anymore because I took a liking to big fish. Haha.


  12. nice fish marineman16, its been a few years since ive fished the ymca, there are some monsters in there for sure, if i remember right i think a teenager landed a 40+ lb. cat there and a buddy of mine has landed some nice 10+ lb channels from there, although i do agree about the quantity vs quality thing.

    now the funny thing is about the beavercreek comment, i work in beavercreek, grew up in xenia, now live in miamisburg. def would be nice to meet for fishing