I'm a Grandpa!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Jammer, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. :D My daughter han an 8# 8oz. boy this afternoon after much hoopla.
    They sent her home this morning and she went right into labor about the same time as the freezing rain started. Her mom got the squad and she got to the hospital just in time.

    Elijah Daniel
  2. Much Congrats! Break out the Snoopy poles and startum early! :D

  3. congraduations grampa,hope the mother and baby are doing ok.
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    Congratulations Jammer! Is this your first? My second, both being granddaughters, was born Sunday before Thanksgiving. That makes six daughters two granddaughters. I'm starting to notice a pattern. Thank God for the one poor boy in the middle or I would question my lifes purpose. :eek:
  5. Congratulations Grandpa-Jammer! Sounded like a close one there. Hope everyone came through that ordeal alright. My wife is an RN in the OB unit at Bellevue Hospital... close calls are common.
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    Congrats Grandpa, mama wants to know how long? see, women don't miss the details, you gotta tighten up your ship or you'll always get hollered at like I just did, because you forgot??? lol
  7. Length is up for debate. The ER had him at 20 inches but maternity says 20 1/2".
    Mamma's fine, baby having a little trouble breathing today. Some prayers would be appreciated.:F

    Ain't goona be no Snoopy poles, he gets an Ugly Stik like mine. Less chance of breaking it. Learned that lesson quick, from my daughter and my two sons when they were little.:F
  8. That is as bad as listing a boat for sale and not putting a picture! Congrats!!!
    I just had a baby boy about 2 weeks ago. I hope mother and baby are doing well!
  9. [​IMG]
    Yup, it's a Boy!
  10. Congrats as well!! Great looking guy!
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    Welcome to Grandparenting!
    #4 on the way here sometime late summer/early fall.
  13. Jammer,
    Congrats on a fine looking boy! My 7th Grandchild & namesake, Michael, also had some breathing problems.....not uncommon with infant boys, & he's now 5 months & doin' just fine. Of course Elijah & all his loved ones are in my prayers.
  14. Very nice looking bass fisherman!
  15. Congrats! A definite keeper!
  16. Thanks everyone, He's a cutie.