Illegal to clean or fillet?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by I Fish, Oct 31, 2008.

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    Does anyone have an explanation for the law that says "It is unlawfull to clean or posses fillets while on or at a body of water"? And what defines "on or at"? If Lake Erie is your back yard, do you have to go somewhere else to clean your fish, legally? I'm going to the lake this weekend, and hadn't noticed that law before, so I was just wondering if anyone has been cited, or warned about this.
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    I'm guessing that it is to keep people from leaving pieces of fish laying around at public access sites. It sucks having to watch your step on the rocks at the IL spillway because you might slip on some saugeye skin.

  3. There used to be a distance from the shore requirement which I think has been removed from the code because of fish cleaning services.

  4. I would imagine the biggest reason for the law is to enforce daily limits. It's much easier to look in a cooler and count 6 walleyes than it would be to peice together the peices/parts of 6 eyes.
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    That and fish ID as well. Hard to ID a fish from just fillets with no skin.
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    You can gut a fish on shore but the guts cannot be thrown into the water or left on the bank

    Here’s some definitions to the rules that reel posted…

    1501:31-1-02 Definition of terms.
    (JJ) “Fillet” means the pieces of flesh taken or cut from both sides of a fish, joined to form one piece of flesh.
    (KK) “Part fillet” means a piece of flesh taken or cut from one side of a fish.
    (LL) “Round” when used in describing fish means with head and tail intact.
  7. Yeah they don't want you to leave parts of the fish around or in the water, also:

    1. Identification of the fish (as stated before)
    2. Make sure the fish is in legal size range (Hard to tell from fillets)
    3. Amount of fish you have is in set bag limit (as stated before also)