I'll Be The One To Start It...Who Has To Go In Cincy?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by H2O Mellon, Sep 17, 2007.

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    A playoff (gasp..... Super Bowl) hopefull team can not give up 50+ points to any team, let alone the '07 Browns. I am not taking away ANYTHING from the Browns, as they prooved that they are the better team with the win in week two, but I'm sure even the hardcore Browns fans will admit that they are not a 50+ point scoring offensive machine.

    Anyways, who has to go. I really think some sort of message must be sent. Is it the DB coach (forgot his name), the linebackers coach (Richard H.) or the defensive cor (Chuck B.) or with a couple more pathetic losses like this one, is it time for the heat to be on Marvin Lewis?

    The current team has no chance leapfroggin the Steelers. Unless something channges a Bengals/Steelers game would be no contest.
  2. I don't think that ANY changes should be made......I really like the Bengal's D!

    Also, Marvin Lewis should keep getting a free pass, his record as a HC speaks for itself! LOL

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    That's funny, Mellon...we lose a game and you're ready to start slicing and dicing. :) Had someone told me the Bengals would score 45 points in that game I would believe that it is no way they lose. Cleveland was the better team and did what they needed to do to win. It is the NFL, and the Browns have excellent players in key postions. Now that they have a QB that can get the ball to these players, I think we'll see a different team up north. ;)
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    The Bengals should first release Carson Palmer, followed by Chad Johnson...Then fire Marvin and hire Butch Davis as coach.
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    I know I'm usually one that says things like any team can beat any other, they simply had a bad game, etc... but this time it was more than that. Those DB's looked HORRIBLE, I mean HORRIBLE. The lack of tackling is also a concern. I would not be saying anything if it was a 28-21 loss or something like that, but I truely, honestly thing that some sort of message needs to come from this loss. There was no part of the Browns that was stopable and we are talking (with all due respect to Brown fans) the '07 Browns not the 49'ers, Cowboys or Rams during their Super Bowl days. Browns WR's were going nuts, Browns TE's were going nuts, Browns FB's were going nuts, let alone the way they made the QB look like a sure fire HOF'ers. No joke, but every skill position player embarrased the Bengals. I think it's one thing when one player has a career day, but when the entire team domminates the way the Browns did against a much superior team (on paper) there is a problem. The Browns defense was suspsoe to look like that against the Bengals, but they were not supose to be a playoff team. If these were the Bengals from the 90's then I'd be happy w/ such an offensive outburt, but these arent the (suspose to be) the mid 90's Bengals!!!!!!!!
  6. What about Rudy. He will run out of bounds 3 yards early instead of turning the corner and putting a hit on someone. Plus all a defender has to do is take a swipe with their hand at him and he goes down. Rudy's best days are behind him time for some fresh legs. The defense......they looked like Notre Dame out there.
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    Agreed, the defense stunk the place up. Leon Hall (rookie) got beat like a drum. But again, the Browns have some serious skill players, Lewis, Edwards, Winslow and Jerivicius are excellent players, they just didn't have anyone to get them the ball.
    The big runs by Lewis came off the left side of the line which is the strong side for them with Steinbach and Thomas.
    Let's see what happens in the next couple of games. The Defense had better play with a sense of urgency if they expect to have any success this season.;)
  8. WOW! With all the SKILL players suddenly on the Browns O, the Steelers D must be the best in the league to have kept them to a single garbage time TD last week?
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    I agree that there is no excuse for the defence to give up 51 points to anyone. But, lets not through the panic button on yet. There is a few things to look at here. We were comming off a short week after a very emotional and hard fought game. The browns were comming off of an imbarrasing loss and were at home & I'm sure the Bengals probable were taking them too lightly. Not excuses the best team on that day won. But just remember one game does not make a season.
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    It's week two people, geeezzzz....

    I'm not a Bengals fan but I do have Palmer and Johnson in my fantasy lineup - I'll take the 80+ points they scored for me any day of the week, win OR lose :)
  11. Why fire anyone. Most of the players will be in prison by week 6. :D You can't really blame the coaches if these over paid showoff, crybabies can't preform. The coaches aren't on the field making mistakes. Maybe if CJ was more worried about making a play than figuring out which end of the stadium he was in there may have been a different outcome.

    GO Browns!!!!!
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    That's what I'm talkin bout, Captn...! :D
  13. Lewis


    Its way to early to get a read on whether Cleveland is that good or Cinci is that bad.
    I remember a couple years ago New England was manhandled by Buffalo in their opener by a score of 34 to 0.
    Of course New England went on to win the Super Bowl.
  14. H2O Mellon

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    Hmm..... they must have forgot the camera and tape during week 1. ;)
  15. H2O Mellon

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    It's never too early to be concerned about loosing a big divison game, espically a game that your team is "suspose" to win. This was labeled a Give Me. So now, they are going to have to offset this one by a win against the Colts, The Patriots or two versus the Steelers.
  16. Yeah, I remember that Lewis, it was probably after that Buffalo loss that NE started CHEATING. Maybe that's what the Bengals could do, start cheating! I believe that's their best option of reaching the post season, since they can't get it done with what their doing. Oh, and for all of you saying it's just the second game...WRONG! This is game #67 for Marvin and he is trotting out the same BS as he was in his first year.

    As a Steeler fan, it was refreshing to see the same old Bungals:)

  17. I agree that it's too early to judge ANY team. Even the great ones have games that are not indicative of the norm. Being a Brown's fan, I am pleased with the offensive show as now they can believe that they CAN put up big numbers. Not that they will continue to score like that, but Sunday's game should definitely be a confidence booster. The O-line looked fantastic!
  18. I will panic but for a different reason, we lost a game we should have won and we got the Seahawks and Pats the next couple weeks:eek: we do need to improve our front 7 somewhere along the line, and as for our secondary Hall is just that a rookie and Joseph is not 100%, if our front 7 can do a respectable job stopping the run and begin to pressure the QB a little our secondary will start to look alot better.
  19. First, I am a BROWNS fan, but I think it is insane to even think about getting rid of Marvin Lewis. He has turned that program around since he was hired. Yes, the Bengals secondary looked terrible and yes, the Bengals tackling ability looked bad yesterday, but to be honest, I wouldn't change a thing. If I remember right, their secondary is pretty young. Joseph and Hall have a combined total of 3 years in the NFL, Joseph in his second season and Hall a rookie. Give it time. Fans are always looking for the quick fix, but it takes time to build a competetive program.
  20. This game could have been 60-20 Browns if the officials had not been unbelievably obvious in their attempt at handing the Bungles a second straight win they did not deserve. It has been years since I have seen anything so attrocious. Last week it was that "pass interference" call against Todd Heap. I bet I can go back and find all of you Bungles fans whining about the Pittsburgh Super Bowl win (their 5th I might add!) and a pass interference call in the end zone where the receiver actually pushed off.....yet I don't see you berating the refs for the Baltimore win.

    TJ was not down in the end zone with the ball. Geathers last week had the ball hit the ground on his "interception". That is just in addition to a myriad of horrible calls they threw flag after flag at the Browns on. I can't wait to see what the Seahawks and Patriots do to that completely inept defense.