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IL Sunday

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by CHOPIQ, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. 2 of us went to IL Saturday and Sunday. Sunday afternoon we hit Black Hawk. We ended up keeping about 30 nice sized gills. Sunday morning we hit BH again but the fish weren't there. THe afternoon we hit Long Island. Caught a few gills and crappies but it was SLOW. Ice was about 4"-6" everywhere we fished. Water was very murky everywhere. Black Hawk had the best looking water, still it was a little murky. Went by Cranberrys, Moundwood, and Dream Bridge. No one was fishing Dream Bridge, one guy at Cranberry who had only caught one gill in 3 hours. A few guys were fishing Moundwood and I only saw one eye.
  2. I had a steady bite on fiday on some nice sized crappie but that has since fizzled. I fished long island on monday and there were lots of people and very few fish.

    I did end up moving to a deeper spot to try for a saugeye in the evening and I got a 21 incher on a firetiger rapala. i think it was a fluke though. I didnt mark any other fish in the area.

    I would love to stick around and figure these fish out but im heading up to hubbard for the weekend. Poor me ;)