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IL saugeyes

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by HAIR JIG, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. fished all day thursday 2 keepers - fished today from day light till noon 1 keeper- fished in areas where i have been cathhing them. fishing is real slow now don't know why -water temp should be perfect-good rainy cloudy days normanly are best for me -Northfork area is getting real muddy -thats not a bad thing sometimes it's best in muddy water.-many boats thursday not to many today rain kept most fishermen home -i should have done the same-
    lots of shad around north fork - might want to try moundwood hole at the end of channel should be good in comming days
  2. My Dad fished IL Thursady and ended up with 6 eyes. He missed 4 others. He tried using minnows on a tight line but nothing. He ended up catching everything on Vib Es.

  3. Made the trek up to IL the past two Sundays to beat the water with VibEs. Last Sunday got three, including one 3.5 lber near Lakeview basin. Yesterday, hit the west and south shores, moving after every 10 or 15 casts (at least getting some exercise that way). Yesterday, got only two hits in probably more than 300 casts ... however, the one hookup resulted in a PB saugeye .... 26.5 in., 6.5lb (according to my new electr. scale that's hopefully close to accurate :confused: ). Her gut was distended; she was obviously gorging on shad - - in fact, when I looked down the throat while extracting the VibE, saw the tail of a shad that was about 2 in across (just the tail was 2 in across!) protruding from her gullet. I'm almost surprised it bothered with the VibE considering the apparent size of its last meal. I'll guess that one's going to stick to spinning shad for a while after the weigh/measure/photo routine of yesterday.

    Thanks to whomever (maybe it was Corey :confused: ) suggested some time ago - maybe back on the old site - taking the front hook off of the front treble on the VibEs - it doesn't seem to impact action or hookups (this one was hooked on one of the remaining two front hooks) but sure reduces the # lost to snags when banking it.