IL Saugeye Tourny outcome?

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  1. Anyone know how many boats they had, what won big fish, and the overall?
  2. my dad and i fished it, total of 41 boats, big fish was 4.3lbs (aprox) 1st place had 18lbs, 2nd had 16 or 17lbs, and third had 15lbs. we caught 15 or 16 fish but most were 14in occasional 15incher, ended up with 8.2lbs for 10th. a lot of boats were fishing the humps on the main lake (tri-humps). we caught our fish trolling. not sure how the top 3 finishers caught their fish but their was a 5lb difference from 3rd to fourth. very well organized tournment with prizes all the way out to 30 something place. here's their website

  3. are those fish released from the tourneys at indian? i know i wastold at the flw tourney up at erie two weeks ago, over a 1000lbs of walleye were caught and they were all there is a ton of fish in there, but for tourneys i think i might like to see them released...dont know if that is right or not thought my just be the basserman in me.
  4. Congrat's on your 10th place finish boaterfisherdude! That was a very complete report. Thanks for sharing. Also good to see the WOWC has a website now.
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    Danshady, the ODW has stipulated to the FLW that they not release the largest walleye taken in that Erie tournament. I remember a few years ago that they filleted 150 walleye over 10 lbs. and then donated them to the needy.

    It seems that walleye that large are notorious bad spawners, taking up too much prime spawning habitat, and in need of harvest.

    Since saugeye are stocked to be harvested, I'm hoping all the fish weighed-in at the Indian lake tournament are now swimming in grease.
  6. What I read was that walleyes are being kept and filleted from erie tourneys because of high stress levels on fish from being pounded in livewells on rough water, which is even more stressful when temps are warm. Many walleyes were floating belly up after the weigh ins, so they decided to put the fish to use rather than wasting it.
  7. On smaller bodies of water a large tourney could perhaps yield a substantial number of the total fish's population but does anyone really think that the fish they took from Erie in one tourney makes that much of an impact? I am sure there were hundreds of others out fishing the lake on those same days bringing in way more fish than they did. And they are doing it all year long. Not to mention that a larger number of fish get taken by the commercial guys. So I am sure when you look at a ratio of how many fish the tourney took out versus the overall harvest from the lake in a year you would be looking at a LOT of zeros in the percentage.;)
  8. Ok this is getting ridiculous.

    No pun intended to any bass fisherman out there, not your fault.

    The state needs to step up and take control of this situation and fast!!!

    2 weekends ago there was a 135+ boat bass tournament launch from Moundwood and a 50+ boat bass tournament launch from Blackhawk on saturday.

    Between the two tournaments, there was over 800 bass turned in at weigh in!!! And god only knows how many short fish got hooked.

    Indian Lake is not that big, just don't understand how the state would allow that many tournament fisherman on such a small body of water as indian lake during prime spawing season?????????????

    And to make matters worst. This weekend is the big FLW Bass tourny which as of yesterday already had over 150 boats registered with a 200 boat limit and the state Moose tournament which always draws 50-60 boats is fishing the same day!!!!!!!!

    I had all intention of panfishing this weekend but that's out of the question now. There won't be a single lilly pad, log, rock, untouched by a bass boat. They'll have the fish run out of everyplace on the lake.

    I'm real interested in how many bass will be caught amongst these 250 tournament fisherman this week with over 800 fish being hooked and turned in just 2 short weekends ago.
  9. WOWC has a website??? Western Ohio Walleye Club?
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    zplyes 00 ,its nothing new, it has been going on for many many many years and look at the weights still caught in those tournaments. When the Muscular Dystrophy tournament used to be held there they had just under 500 boats for that event alone! Yet that lake still produces good fish. Yes I'm sure the fish could benifit if they didnt have events during the spawn but you cant say that Indian isnt alive and well. If you are going to try and regulate tourneys during the spawn then its only fair that everyone is banned from fishing in the spring. How about a closed season on crappies?
    Its not a black and white issue. Instead of banning tournaments in the spring I would rather see more inforcement of peopel keeping undersized bass. I see it happen often. Just my 2 cents for what its worth
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    Count me in with Orlando...

    I've tournament fished Indian for better than 25 years now. With adjustment for boat fish limits, it takes just as much to win today as it did then. Trophy had a good tournament (always the 3rd week in April). Everything was perfect. There's been several years past that the weather didn't cooperate, and 12#'s made you the winner. I do wish Trophy would drop back to a 5 fish limit instead of 10.

    Fear not Zpyles...the pads will quickly ckoke back the fishermen...and sanctuary will return to the smart and lucky basses.

    Yeah...we'll keep pickin' em off the edges...but, there's acres of pads the basses live in and they won't see another hook until next Spring.

    The place is a frickin' bass factory...
  12. good info for lake erie, im sorry i should have just kept the question simple and ask if the saugeye were kept from the indian lake tourny? i didnt mean to compare walleye and saugeye, and indian and erie, completely different waters and fish and a whole different thread for topic sorry guys did not mean to try to hijak the thread... although the info on the bass tourney is quiet interesting also
  13. Danshady,

    I fished the saugeye tourny last year and it was up to the individual if they kept the fish or not. I saw some let them go and some kept them. They asked when you weighed in what you wanted to do.
  14. ok, thats pretty cool!
  15. My bad. The site that BFD posted a link to featured WOWC on its home page. Doh! I assumed it was the new home of WOWC.