IL Saugeye Fishing Techniques

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  1. I'm planning on heading up to Indian Lake this weekend to make my first attempt at catching some eyes. I've been reading the discussion boards quite a bit and it seems that most people are catching them this time of year by trolling cranks behind boards. Can anyone provide some tips on how to catch them without trolling? I have some planer boards if necessary, but being as how this will be my first trip to the Indian Lake and my lack of experience with trolling I thought I would see if anyone could offer any advice on some simpler techniques that will produce fish. If worse comes to worse I guess I'll try trolling. If you see some idiot driving around without a clue, in a Tracker Deep V and cussing out his planer boards then that will probably be me. Feel free to stop by and say hello! :D
  2. I don't know what some of the other guys do but I troll hoover and I don't use Boards. I would think the same would apply to Indian as it's so shallow. Get a crank that will go down to around 8-10 feet. I heard people have had luck on bombers...Anyone else got any input?

  3. If you do not want to troll try casting a worm harness while you drift. If you try trolling there are many options without using boards. While trolling do not be afraid to go too fast, vary your speeds until you find what works.

    About any shad imitating shallow running crankbait could be flatlined without running boards, boards will help you cover more area though. Keep them as close to the bottom as you can and do not be afraid to bump the bottom every now and then.

    Grappler Shads, Ripshads, and Bandit 100's have been good to me this year. Also a 1/2 oz rattletrap at about 3.5 mph can work as well.

    Colors, I have had success with quite a few, try them all but always have firetiger.

    Good luck.
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    not trying to high jack the thread but is there any way that i might be able to catch some with live bait? i only have a canoe and would really like to take my wife out and get into some saugeye as she has never caught any thanks for the help
  5. Depending on what the water conditions are like, you could fish Moundwood.

    As well, we have had very good luck fishing the west/south bank from Oldfield to Antonio's. If the boat traffic is heavy, the canoe could be trouble.

    The game reserve holds a lot of saugeye.
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    where is the game preserve? i have a topo map i got from the odnr and it dosen't show it on here also any suggestions on baits? prefferably live bait minnow? where would be the best place to put in also on a non related issue are they catching any crappie/perch up there? thanks for the help
  7. All of the "channel" area is pretty much the game reserve. There is a channel that runs from SR 235 all the way to Pony Island. You could launch at Acheson's or someplace with close access to the channels (Water's Edge or Geronimo's)

    I would try minnows or leeches with slip bobbers.
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    thanks alot i hope to be headin up within the next couple of weeks i'll keep you posted
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    what about all of the channels on the long island side as that is closest to where i would be coming in
  10. I was trolling in the area around long island a few weeks ago when there was a bass tourney going on. There were two guys in the tourney cranking the rock around the bridge back to north fork and i saw them both catch a couple nice eye and a bass or two a piece that might be something to try. Years previous i fished that lake for bass only and still caught eyes when ever i got a crank around any main lake rock, if you cant troll the would be my best suggestion. best of luck
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    thanks for all of the help guys i'll keep you posted if i get a chance to get out there
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    Hey geetarman, i have never fished indian lake. i fish pleasant hill but im sure techniques will work the same. The simplest thing i can tell you is get a pack of 1/8 white jigs head with a red eye (chartreuse will work well too) find a promising spot and anchor. cut a night crawler in half and hook it on to the jig head. cast it out....let it hit bottom and slowly real it in, make sure you can feel it bumping the bottom. i have outperformed any crankbait or worm harness doing this. i always start fishing about 8 o clock at night around a beach or docks, because they come shallow and feed. I have also had good luck on white and chart. twister tails. good luck! let me know if it helps!!!
  13. Thanks for the tips everyone. I'm heading up when I get off from work tomorrow. 1.5 hour drive for me but should make it before dark and get everything set up. I'll let you know how how it goes when I get back on Sunday.

    Baiter10 - I usually fish down at Caesar Creek in SW Ohio. I've seen several people fishing from the docks at night using a tipped white jig when I would be coming in from Crappie fishing. They all had a lot of luck as well. Oddly enough though, they wouldn't usually start biting at Caesar until much later in the night. Usually around midnight or so they would turn on.
  14. One of the best baits at IL is to use a Vibe of almost any color, I do alot of bank fishing there and you can catch eyes all year round at any bridge,boat dock area and channel. Only place I have seen the vibes for sale though are at the bass pro shop near old field.