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IL Saturday

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by squid_1, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Anybody else heading out tomorrow. I will be trolling for some eyes with my dad. Was up 2 weeks ago and had better luck with the eyes than the crappie. Any reports on the crappie bite? I heard that the eyes have been on fire this week.
  2. We didn't do too good last weekend.The few keepers we got were in the 19" range. It's gotta be better this weekend.

    I'll be trolling tomorrow morning. Got a Walkie Talkie/CB?

    I leave mine on scan mode. Give a holler for Saugmon or Red Dragon on channel 10.

    I'm in the red/tan Lowe Boat with a white mast on the front end. It's not hard to miss me, LOL. I've got an Open seat thread posted but no takers so far.:T

    Did you see the ODNR stocking report? Suppose to be stocking 2.2 million fingerlings of saugeye in may/june.

  3. Limited out,even culled out a few. All between 15" and 18",plus a couple 10"-11" crappie-full of eggs.

    A much better bite,but still not a feeding frenzy yet. Lots of nets out there.Most were small ones,but I did see a few nice ones landed.
  4. Good to hear might be over there first part of week. We got some nice ones last week with the strong south blow they were getting drifting and trolling.
  5. I couldn't get any takers on the open seat thread I posted, Oh well.

    I gotta work all next week,but I'll try to get a day off from work on one of those days. I'll try to take the gf and 9 month old daughter out a couple evenings next week.

    After friday, I'll be on vacation for 2 straight weeks to do some serious Saugeye Sleighing!!!!:T

    The water temp: 72 degrees
  6. I was surprised as well i thought they would line up as well as you have trolling figured out on Indian. I was caring for some family things or i would have Got jigging down but not trolling.
  7. Storms going through right now. That should shake the saugeye up better. I've always had good luck after storms,but the coldfronts definitely screw up the saugeye bite.
  8. The only things the storms stirred up were the saugeye dinks and channel cats.

    My dad and I got 5 saugeye,5 channel cats,and a perch. Largest cat and saugeye were 19". Threw back around 15 saugeye dinks.

    This time last year, we were limiting out every day.

    Water Temp: 72