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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by peple of the perch, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. If i were to add someone to my ignore list what exactly would it do ?:)
  2. seethe303

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    if the ignore list on this forum is like others, you would stop their posts.

    however, if someone that isn't on your ignore list quotes someone that is on yourignore list I believe you would be able to see their quoted post.

  3. they wouldn't be able to send you PM's either...........nor would you be able to see anything they post.

    it's like they are invisible - non-existent!!!!!

    Who are you going to ignore?? Huh??

  4. It ignores everything they post - like they don't exist.

    Come on man! You've got over 4,700 posts and you don't know this?? I should be asking YOU about what that's all about!!! haah...........
  5. sporty

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    What are the buddy and ignore lists?The buddy list is used to keep track of the friends you have made on this forum. By going to your "Open Buddy List" in "Quick Links" menu of the navbar, you'll be able to see which of your friends are currently online and send them a private message. Adding people to your buddy list also allows you to send private messages to multiple forum members at the same time. You may add any member of the forums to your buddy list by viewing their profile or by going to "Buddy / Ignore Lists" in your "User CP".

    Ignore lists are used for those people whose messages you wish not to read. By adding someone to your ignore list, those messages posted by these individuals will be hidden when you read a thread.
  6. I would answer your question Peple, but you're on my list. lol
  7. actually i am sure that i am on someones ignore list. For many reasons i will not explain.
  8. snake69

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    If I were on someone's ignore list, I wouldn't worry over it. I'm not here to impress anyone, just share and learn....