Ignorant Poachers

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  1. Sounds like that should send a message to other would be :! poachers:mad:

  2. Great news...The next ones to get it,I hope,Will be down the road from me.
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    Dumbasses got what they deserve.

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    Just read this story in the Columbus Dispatch this morning. Thanks to several people, these two individuals were caught. What an absolute disgrace to those of us here that strive to conserve and selectively harvest deer. Then the rocks to post it on the DNR website! :confused: What an idiot...I always say, thank God for dumb criminals! The new fine schedule is awesome and certainly will help curtail or make poachers second guess their decision to unlawfully harvest deer. I agree seaturd......
  5. I would have to say that 20 year olds are not exactly kids. These are at the very least young adults and in my opinion should not be allowed to obtain another hunting/fishing license ever again. The restitution is definately stiff now a days but it will still boil down to the fact with poachers that if they can afford it, they will proceed to do it. Isn't the current Ohio law state something along the lines that $13,000 is a felony? I think premedatated poaching, like in this case, should result in a life time huniting ban. They shot this deer with a cross bow, at 1 am, in a Park! I wonder what the penalty for sneaking into a zoo and killing an animal there would be? These actions just tick me off!

  6. Twenty years ago a 20 year old would be an adult but
    the way things are today,I'm not so sure.
    I would think that I'm not the only one here to see the
    difference in our young adults of today.

    Back in the day (when myself and my friends were 16)
    We couldn't waite to get a job,a car and flex our
    independence and our parents encouraged us to do so.

    Now parents have a hard time encouraging their kids to
    put the video game down and look for work at 25 years old.

    It is a terrible thing they have done and I am glad they will
    have to pay for their crimes.
  7. Oh so true! My biggest pet peeve...LAZY PEOPLE!
  8. I am not a hunter, & most likely never will be, but I am really pleased by the high fine & disgusted by the actions of the 2 young men. They certainly do NOT qualify as sportsmen. I personally agree that neither should EVER have the honor of possessing a hunting license in Ohio again. They knew what they were doing. As a kid, when I would complain about a punishment being unfair & TOO strict, Dad would say, "Good! Then you won't do it again, will you?"
    Maybe Ohio should require "poacher" license plates, sort of like the DUI plates? Now THAT would really put REAL sportsmen & women on the alert if a vehicle with those plates was parked near hunting and/or fishing areas.
  9. I am glad they had to pay that much. If you were only fined $200 bucks for poaching, that is really not going to deter you. However $13,000 is a lot of money, ecspecially in this economy. That will make a lot of people think twice about poaching.
  10. Well they got what they deserved.
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    What a pair of idiots.
    Beautiful animal, probably quite acclimated to people and an easy target, gone.
    Hang 'em.(in a politically correct way, of course)