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  1. Were trying to gather information to produce an "educational" brochure/pamphlet for non-muskie anglers what would you include?

    One for beginning-muskie anglers?

    One for seasoned-muskie anglers?
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    Make sure the beginners realize that the likelyhood of ever boating a 45" Muskie is about equal to them marrying a supermodel and just about as expensive. That and that they can 'troll' for either one for years and only end up with an overfed carp.

  3. How about... a 30 inch muskie is just a baby
  4. As someone who is in startup mode I can appreciate the usefulness of a brochure like this. As a newbie these are things that I dealt with.

    Point 1. Cost.

    The most daunting thing is the entry fee to Musky fishing. You must consider the cost of a basic kit if you are going to start Musky fishing.

    Rod+Reel $150
    Line $30
    Clear water starter pack Rollie & Helens $97
    Stained water starter pack Rollie & Helens $97
    Bucktails $100
    Musky bucket $20
    Monster net $150
    Jaw spreader $15
    Bolt cutters $23 eBay
    Hook remover $20
    Swivels + Snaps + Fluorocarbon for making leaders $50

    This comes to $752 before you have a line wet. A bass fisherman will have none of this stuff. You can fudge on some of the stuff and cut down on the lures but it looks like it would be very difficult to get it under $400 even if you bought used and worked eBay hard.

    Point 2

    To be musky fisher you must be in the 3rd or 4th stage of a fisherman’s growth. The stages being:

    Stage 1: I just want to catch a fish, any fish
    Stage 2: I want to catch a lot of fish.
    Stage 3: I want to catch a big fish
    Stage 4: A bad day fishing is better than a good day doing anything else.

    Musky fishing is a quest not an event. You do not just go out on the lake and expect it to happen.

    Point 3

    Join a club. Much of Musky fishing is folklore. The only way to learn the lore is to be part of the folk. You will also find out you aren’t the only one who is not catching fish.

    Point 4

    Get in shape. You will have a lot more fun throwing Musky lures all day long if you shoulders don’t ach.
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    I would stress the importance of catch and release. As well as the fact that 98% of all serious muskie anglers release every fish caught, whether 25 or 50 inches.
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    man, I almost had beer come out my nose :D