If you could fish anywhere...

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  1. Folks-

    I recently celebrated my 10 year anniversary at work. To celebrate, my boss has offered to take me fishing anywhere (within continental US). He's mentioned spending 3-4K for the two of us to get out of town and catch some fish.

    Personally, I like pike/muskie/walleye, bass, some catfishing... so I looking for suggestions for May/June timeframe.

    If you could fish anywhere... where would YOU pick?
  2. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    If you could get just to a fly in lake at Canada that would be sweet! Be sure to tell us all about your report!

  3. A fly-in Canada trip sounds great... But that's not an option. If ya like bass, how about going to Texas or Florida for them big bucketmouths???
  4. Ask your boss if he's hiring!!!!

    After seeing the results from the B.A.S.S. tournament at Falcon...that would be my first choice!

    If your into more of a multi-species trip...check out some places in Minnesota or Canada.
  5. UFM82

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    Why settle for pike, muskies and bass when you can catch barracuda, jacks and sharks, plus a plethora of other fish? You can use your typical bass gear or muskie gear for that type of fishing and have a blast. I love to catch any fish out there but catching fish that actually hurt you is the ultimate blast! a 5 lb jack crevalle will outfight any freshwater fish and a 25 lb barracuda will shame a similar size muskie or pike. And, you may hang into some 150lb sharks like we did in December on 20lb spinning gear. We did our trip for a little under $800 EACH and that was from Thursday thru Sunday: airfare, rental car, hotel with WITH a 20' center console boat, bait, fuel, etc. For $3K or $4K you could hire a guide and let him take you two out to the fish.

    When it comes to big-time fishing trips anymore, it's salt for me. I'll drive a few hours for a weekend deal to a lake but for a real trip, it's saltwater time.


    A 5lb bass would be just about the perfect size bait for a 250 Goliath Grouper! LOL And that's no lie!
  6. ezbite

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    yea, id have to go deep blue myself:p
  7. I recently went to the san luis pass fishing pier http://www.sanluispass.com/ in freeport, TX. I reccommend fishing there and off the breakwall in Galveston TX. I think you can fly there and back for about $300 to $400 a person. The fishing is incredible. red bulls, sting rays, and flounders.
  8. shroomhunter

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    Lake Chautauqua, NY...You have it all there, some of the finest multi species fishing you'll ever get to experience. World class Muskie, Walleye, Lg & SM Mouth Bass and the panfish Perch, Bluegill and Crappie are huge!!

    My other choice and I've never been there would have to be the Boundry Waters in Minnesota, I've read about it and heard stories from folks that have been there!!
  9. I would echo this idea, the Canada thing would be my first choice, I had a ball on a river in Canada going after Pike:B when I got to the 10yr mark at my job I got a pair of Tasco binoculars:( your a lucky guy to have a boss like that.
  10. Think I would have to say Florida or MN.

    Alaska would be my first choice but i don't think you can make that happen for under $4k?
  11. Muskie fishing in Northern Wisconsin. Not sure about the season though.

    I got a cheep shopvac and a fruit basket. Yeahhh!
  12. I would suggest "South Florida"

    Nothing could beat a few days in the keys for any thing biting,a few days of big bass'n and a few days of peacock bass.
    All can be done for what you have to spend it would be a busy week but what a blast !!
  13. As someone else said, after seeing last weeks Bassmasters I have not been able to stop dreaming of fishing Falcon Lake. The fish that some of those guys were culling would win big bass here in Ohio. If you didn't have over 100 lbs of fish you didn't even make the final day. Unbelievable. Would you need a pass port or a Mexican fishing license or is the whole lake US water? I dont know thats why I ask.
  14. I would have to agree with the deep sea idea, plenty of locations in FL that offer both fresh and salt water fishing if planned right. The new show "Hawks Kay" i think is the name looks like a great place to go...not sure it's in the budget but I would check it out.
  15. Lake Falcon with out a doubt! Having the opportunity to pull in 6+ lb bass all day long would be freaking amazing, and being able to possibly hit one of those 10+ lb monsters, I could only imagine...... Maybe someday I will be able to make the trip down there.
  16. OH CANADA... How ever the song goes! A fly in to a remote lake that sees virtually no fishing preasure would be my choice hands down!
  17. creekcrawler

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    The Florida Keys!!
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  18. I love catching just about anything that swims but there is just something special about that saltwater experience. I would have to go with the Florida trip.

    In case you don't already know this, I think you have on hell of a great boss.:D
  19. fishingguy

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    I would like to make it back to Marathon in the Fla. keys. Went out 30 to 50 miles in the gulf more than a few times. Anchor up, get the chum bag going, and hang on! Never know what you might catch. Cobia, sharks, grouper, all different types of snapper or whatever else comes up the chum line. Great fishing is an understatement!
  20. smallieguy

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    Keuka lake in NY, 2nd or 3rd week in may for a bout 10 days.
    OMG, you havn't seen smallmouth fishing like this.
    100 fish days are normal and 4-5lbers are aplenty.