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    Hey guys, I havent had the time to sit at the puter and research this but since updating to internet explorer 7 my web is taking forever to load pages. It was really bad untill today when I got an update from microsoft but still a lot slower then it used to be. This is on my old XP computer, my other 2 machines I havent updated yet and unless I can solve this im not going to. Has anyone else had problems? Just trying to make sure that its IE and not something going bad on the puter itself. Like I said its an old machine, probibly 4 yrs old so the problem might not be related to the update but it seems thats when I started having problems. Has anyone heard/experienced the same problems?

    TY in advance
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    I don't know much about computers, but I was having the same issues, so I finally switched to Firefox and it is alot faster.

  3. I have been running IE7 for a long time with no slowdown. Make sure you turn phishing off. It will slow you somewhat. Make sure to run ad-aware program as well to clear any unwanted junk that may be contributing to the problem. Other than that I can't offer any insight on problems with IE7.
  4. Or you can do that.:D In fact you can install the Firefox first and make sure you have it running smoothly then go ahead with the IE7 upgrade. It is still nice to keep IE current despite using Firefox as your primary browser.