Identifying grass carp

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  1. We are not allowed to take grass carp (amurs) in the lake i want to bowfish. Since bowfishing is not catch & release, how about some advice on identifying before I release my arrow?
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    Best advice I can give you is to get on the state of ohio/ wildlife site and look at the pictures of the fish.

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    Grassies are generally gonna be larger than common carp. they also look darker colored than common carp...If they are tailing their tails will be grey or black looking compared to the tellow or gold of a common carp. They are torpedo shaped in the water and have a really short dorsal fin in the middle of their back compared to the dorsal of a common which runs at least a third of the fishes length...This is the first feature that usually jumps out at me and screams GRASSY...
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    Smalls ones swimming around:




    Fish out of water:


    They're pretty distiguishable honestly. It's like comparing a channel cat to flathead. Really different looking, just identify before you shoot, easy enough :)
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    You can see from the pics below they can be shark like in apperance as well, these Grassies are mixed in with common carp . Good info above on what Carpn' said, follow those rules. In muddy water just look for the black tails, sometimes I only see the very tip and know thats a Grassie. :B

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