Identify this tiny fish please

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by stephsgotbait, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Last year you helped identify some of my first catches. I made a journal with pics of my catches. The attached pic is the smallest fish I caught, which some guy took from me to use as bait (I tried not to be offended). I can't figure out what this thing is. I know you guys like BIG fish, but I'd love to have a correct identification for my fishing journal. Thanks all, you guys are awesome!

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  2. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

  3. Thanks guys, I looked it up and you are right. Baby perch.
    Here's a second pic - what type of sunfish is this? Green? Longear?

    Thanks again! I really appreciate your help!

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  4. Gju42486

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    it doesnt look green to me--im going out on a limb here and saying redear sunfish ;)
  5. CoolWater

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    Look up Redear Sunfish, see what you think.
  6. Last pic until I reel in some more unknowns. Any guesses on this sunfish (specific type)?

    Thanks a lot!! My fishing journal is more complete with correct identifications!
    Manythanks, Stephanie

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  7. CoolWater

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    Looks like another Redear to me.
  8. jimofcfd

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    The second fish really looks like a Redear sunfish. It looks to have an orange or red margin on its earflap. The third fish also has what looks to be the reddish margin on the earflap, another Redear.
  9. ezbite

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    looks like bait to me:D :p :D
  10. misfit

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    no....not big enough:D

    redear sunfish.
  11. Fishers of Men

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    The chinese eat them that size. I think they call them all sub-gum fin-lon-pu.
  12. Lewzer

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    That's a baby yellow perch that Stephsgotbait posted. Like this:

  13. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Definitally a yellow perch and a redear.
  14. Hi OGF'ers,

    Thanks for the right-on, prompt replies. You guys always come through. I read more on the redear and it seems you nailed it, as usual. That's my first perch catch by the way. Maybe my second perch will be bigger than a fat goldfish (dream big)! Thanks all... my fish-pic journal is ready for my second season of fishing... Stephanie