Ideas in port clinton

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by liquidsoap, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. liquidsoap

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    Will be leaving for port clinton for 3 days (2 of which will be a bass tournament) tonight after work. Any ideas on what to do not fishing related??
    Any places in particular I should eat at?
  2. krustydawg

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    Go to Nick's Roadhouse, decent food and the scenery/talent is usually outstanding.:D

  3. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    If ya want to eat fish jolly rogers on the main strip is the best place. If ya wanna walk drive down the main strip untill u see a pond and parking lot ya mite wanna take a relaxing walk on the pier. Jet ski rentals r outside side of town to the west across the drawbridge. U can swim at the PC beach (dont advise it)(poop:p) try going down by the moose to swim and if ya keep going you'll run into lil ole' nothing oak harbor where i live :). if ur bored at PC ya mite wanna ride the jet express to Put-in-bay 4 a day- just some suggestions but there are plenty more!-jonny
  4. jmenchhofer

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    Why would you want to go to Port Clinton and do something "not fishing related"? :D :D

    Just NSOF said, Put-in-Bay could be a good time.
  5. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    lol "jm" hes rite. just walk around a you'll find stuff!
  6. I second Jolly Rogers for some fast seafood. Nothing beats their waffle fries!
  7. Try Diana's Deli and Resturant, behind the McDonalds. You're young stop in Mr. Eds, behind Drawbridge Marina.
  8. :) Bell Mell's pizza/bar. Walking distance from downtown. Good food. Good prices. Just act like a local. ;)
  9. not sure of the name but there is a Irish bar right across the street from the lakeland motel... ate there last Wednesday night and the food was to die for...3 people 3 to 4 drinks dinner bill was $84, we left her a $100...had the seafood alfredo and it was the best I've had...big shrimp, scallops ect
  10. fugarwi7

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    If you are looking for a big breakfast, try "La Petit" (I think that is the name)...a couple blocks south of Fishermans Wharf...allow a little time can be crowded and food takes awhile, but their omlete is huge!! Opens early so you will still have time to get on the lake.
  11. freyedknot

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    goofy golf ,goofy golf, too bad they took out the japanese massage parlor accross the street from the lakeland???
  12. Fishpro

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    Ha Ha, its called "Ala Carte", and yes they have the best(and biggest!) breakfast in town! D Someone also suggested Bell Mells, thats also a great place to hang out, cheap beer and great pizza! Just come as you are.:) Mister Eds is good too. If you like country, theres DJ's and they always have bands on the weekend. Good luck in your tourney.:B
  13. Fishpro

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    Wait a minute...I just realized who was asking the questions, and you're just a youngin', nevermind those bars I told you about!;) :D Unfurtunately, and this is a big problem, there isn't a whole lot for younger people to do here. Theres Monsoon Lagoon, our area water park, and a couple of put-puts, and thats about it. Monsoon Lagoon can be a good time though, lots of eye candy.;) :D
  14. CoolWater

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    Not sure if I saw anyone mention Mon Ami... McCarthy's Irish Pub downtown is a nice place to stop by as someone mentioned...
  15. fugarwi7

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    Forgive my faux pas :p ...I knew it had some french sounding name...It's always 6am after a night of partying that I go there so I am usually a little foggy......hahaha! :D