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  1. OGF provides a valuable service to all Ohio fishermen/women keeping us informed as to what is going on. How about considering an new service that potentially could have great benefits to all of us ? What about posting a schedule of tournments at lakes around Ohio? With alot of your users having only a limited amount of time off, by posting this infomation it would help us better plan our fishing trips. I believe if some of us knew a tournment is being held on a given lake on a given day, we would plan to go to another lake so we don't have to "compete" with the extra boat traffic, etc. Those of us who tournment fish, this could be used to plan on attending and for those of us who don't, we could schedule our fishing on another lake. What do you think ???
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    Our tournament section does what you ask. It's up to the tournament director to post a schedule. We have no way of knowing when or where a tournament is without someone connected with the tournaments to post a schedule.
    I know Nip post his as does Phil. Check out the tournamet section and you'll find what your asking for.

  3. As indicated by Dale many of us OGF tourney guys are very active in the tournament discussion forums- to even help further with Youngguns suggestion to just dobass events check out this link direct for NE Ohio bass schedules- we about have anything drawing more than 10 boats covered here:


  4. I invite all tournament directors to post results in our tournament section. All species of fish as well!