I'd rather be Lucky then Good! :)

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  1. Took the girlfriend out for her first bow hunt on Sat. We spent 4 hours in the ground blind and saw a squirrel and about 6 apples fall from the trees.
    We packed up and left and got out to the field edge... Man was it still light! (Always happens when your "in" the woods but especially in a ground blind)

    We walked along the tractor trail and got up close to the big alfalfa field and I see a dark blob through the weeds to the right about 25 yds away! We hunched down fast and grabbed my bow and knocked an arrow... I peeked through the weeds and saw a good bodied deer feeding.. It was still feeding and didn't know we were there. At this point I realized the wind was strong right in my face!!! I snuck up the rise behind the weeds and stood up. The deer whirls its head up,facing me and stares but doesn't run (to my amazement!) I freeze and it gets bored and goes back to feeding.. I take about 3 steps forward and draw all in the same motion. he looks back up and at this point I think to myself if he gives me a calm good broadside shot- I'm gonna take him... He stares at me and is shifting his head side to side looking at me... I'm holding that bow back and my legs start to shake and I have to rock back on my heels 3 times to get my legs back to normal.... He FINALLY puts his head back down and takes two steps to the left and turns to look again... Too Late! I let him have it and he went about 80yds...

    The only thing that would of made that better is if my girl would of got him!

    He's got great mass for a 3-1/2 yr old- 13 points and weighed in at 180.
    He's my smallest weight wise buck but he's got the best rack for character!

    Looks like I'll have plenty of time for chasin the ducks/geese & muskie & steelies!



  2. Congratulations! He is a great looking buck. You are right that he has a lot of character to the rack. He sure is a gnarly looking fella! :p

  3. Congrats,Good looking Buck
  4. thanks guys- ya, when I was looking at him (before I shot) I thought to myself well he's not too tall or wide but he's great mass and of course in the failing light all those brow time points were very interesting!
  5. Congrats Jim!! Nice buck!
  6. mrjbigfoot

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    Heck Yeah! Nice Stud Buck! Gotta love those double brows! ;)
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    Congratulations! That's a nice buck.

  8. Congratulations and thanks for sharing a great story.
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    Great buck, congrats, now help the girlfriend get one bigger.
  10. Congrats on your early season success...with a great story to go along with it. Congrats on a great buck!
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    Nice buck! Very unique!