Icefisherman4life is a blood hound!

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by LindyRigger, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. I shot a nice doe on Saturday but had trouble tracking her down. I called Icefisherman4life and he was on the trail like an old bloodhound and we found her. He then helped me drag her out. Thanks a million. By the way, the tenderloin was delicious. Ice, I will hook you up with some hot sticks when I get it done. I finished grinding the burger up tonight.
  2. Congrats on the Doe!...and Kudos to Icefisherman for lending a helping had in helping track and drag the deer out.

  3. anytime man. 5 more yards and that deer woulda been layin on the towpath hahahahaaaa. next time ill help ya find the monster dude. i dig that kinda crap maybe im weird. lemme know when you make those sticks cuz i wanna try and do those too. im gonna call marshallville meats and see what all they do.
  4. hot sticks, huh, this sounds good. any chance a recipe could appear on here?
  5. man ... my buddy lives an hour and thirty mins away any day anytime he calls me im there like no other to track my nick name is blood hound i will get on my hands and knees idc .. recovering a deer is an amazin feeling even when its not yours
  6. ice, seen you mentioned marshalville meats. went down there a few weeks ago. lady at the counter told me they dont take deer on the hoof. meat needs to be boned out for them to mess with it. but i have had some of their sticks. pretty darn good seasoning mix in their stuff
  7. buckeye. i agree. i told lindy when he called me to back out of there and stop lookin cuz i was on my way. i didnt want him to find it without me. haaaa. ya we used to bone all the meat out and take it to marshallville and have hot hungarian sausage made there. it was awesome. then i started maken it myself using my great grandmothers recipe she was from germany. our recipe is as close to Al's quality meat market in barberton as you can get. i wish i could get them to make it for me. less work haaa. but ya we would used take our meat to marshallville and have them make stuff. it was really good.