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  1. Was the ice broken up much with the warm temps, rain, and melting snow? It looked like the Chagrin was shooting up, but I think the guage is still affected by the ice. I drove over a few creeks and they were relatively open.
  2. I don't know about the Chagrin, but the Rocky is breaking up quickly. There were tons of big ice chunks flowing through the Rocky today, (whole ice shelves at times). To anyone wading the rivers right now be careful of the floating ice, I almost got taken out today by a huge ice chunk that slammed into the back of my legs. Does anyone happen to know if there is any open fishable water on the Vermilion right now?

  3. Ed J

    Ed J

    I crossed the Chagrin @ Eagle Rd. this am. The ice was broke up, the water was high, muddy and had lots of chunk ice in the flow.
  4. Hey Arch,
    I would stay at home! The Grand has alot of floating ice and is a bit of a mess. Maybe the tribs but it is sure crappy out there!
  5. Hey Tim, I love crappy as long as the river looks good!