Ice week PI & Lake Erie

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  1. Fished PI Last Saturday through Tuesday
    2nd parking lot 200 yards out little perch
    3rd parking 100yds out weed beds 6ft jumbo gills Lgmt bass seen several big perch on the camera in the weeds couldnt get the to eat caught more gills that I wanted to clean
    100yds off the PIYC 13ft lot of small perch picked 1/2 dozed 9 inchers
    Moved back to weeds off of 3 picked good size gill

    Lot 3 seemed the best for me PI a little slow compared to past years

    Off to Erie fished with Capt Mike
    Wed north of Catwaba 3 fish lots of current which shifted and running in an odd direction according to the guide 28ft
    All fish came off 3/16 red lindy flying rattle lure

    Thursday west of catawba
    AM very slow picked up 1/2 dozen nice perch and 1 short walleye after a big move west fishing was slow but started to pickup picked off 2 short fish and and 3 nice fish biggest 8# all within 45 min in the last hour of the day
    Fish liked a gold buckshot with agressive jiging on the bottm high a 2 ft pull thrown in once in a while
    Good Luck
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    George,Thanks for the update.What were the ice conditions and thickness at Presque? ........................Mark

  3. Thanks for the update George. Nick, cfish, Walt and I are heading up to Presque in the AM...
  4. Mark
    Lots of snow lots of drifts wasn't to bad of a pull until you busted through the top layer of a drift
    ice was 10"+ in most of the areas I drilled
    It was closer to a foot out by the YC