ice videos to get you pumped

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  1. Thanks Joshy, that should hold me over until we have good ice. Have you made it out this year?

  2. ive had some good action on some small ponds. unfortunately I was standing on shore or on the end of a dock :) Oh well ive gained tons of confidence in small plastics along the way.
  3. swone

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    thanks for that video link and your earlier post about using u.l. plastics. I read your post, bought some and did better on plastic with minnow scent added than live bait from two different docks. Thanks again.
  4. DaleM

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    Thanks Joshy,
    this will be my entertainment the next few days
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    I booked a trip for this one.[ame=""]YouTube - Sexy Exotica Swimwear Extreme Bikini Team Ice Fishing[/ame]
  6. Thanks for the good web site! They have a lot of great info. it kind of sucks that they don't carry that show in Ohio though.
  7. no prob swone until this year I was skeptical about plastics for ice too. I just always relied on spikes and waxies. thus far I havent been on the ice yet but while experimenting with plastics ive got a Fish Ohio crappie and gill, several decent bass, lots of smaller panfish and have yet to buy bait. Ill eventually post some of the plastics that im making out of terminator "snap back" plastic jerk baits. The action on them is sick. I cant wait till next week to test them out on some hard water.