Ice Update: Tuesday 01/13/2009

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  1. B]]Ladue:[/B] Nobody on the ice
    Punderson:[/B] Nobody on the ice
    Springfield: 2 icers at the SouthWestern Side
    Portage Lakes:
    North: Icers at the hanicap area & between the islands
    East: Nobody on the ice
    Brady Lake: Nobody on the ice
    Twin Lakes, East: Nobody on the ice
    Mogadore: St Rt 44: Nobody on the ice
    Boat Stake Area:
    Signs of a few icers
    Congress Lake Road: Icers on the East Side
    North Dike/Old Forge: Nobody on the ice
    North Dike/Sunnybrook: Signs of a few icers
  2. bassmastermjb

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    Thanks Bucket, keep up the good work. We really appreciate it........Mark

  3. You do get around IBJ!

    I really appreciate your local reports. Hope to see you out on the ice sometime soon. May break out the gear and give it a shot this weekend somewhere locally in the Akron area...
  4. leadcorebean

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    ill put in for ladue.. i stopped by last night and check 422 and 44 both have a 2 in layer of junk ice with a solid 5 under that. didnt run out real far but ill be fishing out there tomorrow after work. if anyone goes to 44 make sure u have 4x4 the parking lot was deep and not plowed at all
  5. Overnight low's are looking good for the ice...Only that they got that damn snow is in the forcast...
    As was said icebucketjohn sure get around.....Jim...
  6. Perchy101

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    IBJ - Could you come on down to Columbus for me and make rounds? =)
  7. Sorry Perch, but Geauga, Portage & Summit Counties are my territories...
  8. jay2k

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    Nimi south side has 3 to 5 inches. Lots of slush areas too. Can't believe that stuff won't freeze. Thats alright, another 2 to 4 inches of snow forecasted. Great...