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    Just came in from the lake (MOGADORE) where I detoured to,on my way to Cuy.Falls, to pick up my shanty(that is stored) at my son-in-law and daughters. Started at Palm Rd. access area.....saw one lone fisherman on the ice......NO FISHING FOR ME TODAY by the way.....time to tie up loose ends..Walked out to check on his observations.....Via a short conversation, he told me 4" and that was in very hard ice....He had just got there shortly before me and hadn't caught anything......but missed a bite while we talked. I left there and moved to CLR, where two vehicles were in the parking lot. I noticed a shanty with a couple of people moving around a few hundred yards to the east of where I was. Another vehicle pulled in and a guy started looking around.......I asked him a question, and that started a conversation. He also was checking things out.....and guess what, he is also a member of OGF (and had seen the thread from yesterday and came out to see what was going on...He is member PIKEDADDY, from Cuy.Falls......Hey man,good to meet ya and enjoyed the conversation very much...Maybe get hooked up for Punderson, like we talked about......The guys on the ice were too far to just walk out and see if they were doing any good or not...So up and headed out to finish my missions.......Oh yeh, stopped at bassmastermjb (MARKS) place to pickup a bulk box of waxie's (250) cause it looks like next week it's going to be "ON"....and Mark and I also have a couple other spots to try for the first of the week........"CAUTION GUY'S....... Jon Sr.
  2. those 2 vehicles were my cousins and mine. I started off of palm by myself caught a few but slow fun to watch them bite though. then my cousin met up with me and we venture out off CLR. got out by the island no problem had 2 3/4 - 3 1/2 all the way out close to shore! caught a few gills out there and my cousin caught a decent perch! forecast for wed or thurs. didn't look good! 42 and rain.... but thats a long way away! good luck if you get out!

  3. Mogadore: Saturday night 12/6/2008 9:30 pm Observations

    West of St Rt 43: Wide Open: Shoreline & Bay ice only
    East of St Rt 43: 90% Covered... THIN & UNSAFE
    Congress Lake Rd Parking Lot: Nobody Night Fishing., Westward has open
    spots; Eastward looks better. Evenings snow
    hid all recent footprints & holes drilled.
    Did not venture on the my by myself.

    Palm Road: Same as Congress Lake Rd Parking Lot

    Other Lakes:

    Nesmith: 60% Skim Ice
    North Reservoir (Portage Lakes) 90% Ice
    Springfield Lake: Wide Open
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  6. Not by me... Maybe Sunday I'll take a drive and check.

    I hope to be ice-fishing Monday... SOMEWHERE!
  7. Saturday's (12/06) snow flurries and accumulation of a couple of inches in the Akron area did not help our cause much. :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    I went by the OSP on Friday and it was 75% open water. I would use EXTREME CAUTION anywhere.
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    jiggin'fool.........thanks alot for your post .........and your report.......If you fish here often. maybe our paths will cross.....At least you did get out (safely) and got your new season started......Jon Sr.
  10. I'm glad we have such good folks here who go check things out for the rest of us. Notice they all say the same thing with this first ice... USE CAUTION!!!

    We're off to a great start weather wise, and if things stay they way they're forecasted and we don't get a lot of rain, there MAY be fishable ice next weekend. Saturday at Mogadore (Congress Lake Rd) will be my destination.

    If anyone wants to show up, I'll be there unless the ice isn't ready.
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    IBJOHN......Hey Guy......always look forward to reports from all the ground you now cover.....and your observations.....Tomorrow....respective of the weather(snow fall) I'm thinking I'll hit CLR for a period of time.....I have your cell no., If things stand as they are now......I'll get in touch with you....Jon SR.
  12. mrphish42: I'll either be at OSP or Mogadore on Monday... Will have to see what I hear or see today of OSP. A previous post said it was open water on Friday...and that doesnt bode well for Monday ice fishing... CLR or Palm Rd may be the ticket.
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    It was nice to meet you to John.

    I am still thinking about going out to Palm today. If I do go out there I will probably be over by where that older gentlman was fishing but this snow has me debating with myself weather to bother or not.

    Just let me know when you think Punderson is fishable. I am off of work Friday to Sunday every week so just let me know.

    good fishin,

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    If that's the only option next weekend, I'll see you out there. Gotta break in the new shanty!
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    PD.......Thanks for your reply and you'll get a PM when it's time......As I've always said......ICE FISHERMEN ARE THE COOLEST and MOST INTERESTING BUNCH OF GUY'S YOU'LL EVER MEET.......Jon SR.
  16. well hopefully the weathermen are wrong about tuesday and wednesdays forecast! low to mid 40's and rain.... not getting below freezing at night! good luck if you get out before then
  17. jon sr. jiggin' fool is my cousin and the was me out there with him, my girlfriend was sick so we had a change of plans and i met him out there to fish awhile. he will probably be the one with me when we do get out together, so you will be meetin him soon, good luck this week if you do get out. talk at ya later ~Evin~
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    Ps73......Now I'm really sorry that I didn't take the hike out there.....Would have been great to touch base with you......but as you say, we'll catch up on it soon.....Be glad to meet your cousin also......Which vehicle was yours....the gray or the red( I belive)......Thanks for the post Evin....Jon Sr.
  19. Old State Park Report: Sunday 12/07/2008 3:30 Pm

    50% Ice Covered... TOTALLY UNSAFE
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    IBJOHN......I'm definitely doing Mog. tomorrow spot or the other. As I said earlier.......I'll touch base with you ........Jon Sr.