Ice Update 1-10-09

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by bassmastermjb, Jan 10, 2009.

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    Just got a call from icebucketjohn while making his rounds.Nimisila and OSP is fishable and had guys fishing at both places.Punderson and LaDue are both not safe, nobody fishing at either place.From an earlier post, people are fishing Mosquito, but Leadcorebean stated 3 guys went through the ice.All this snow only made for worse ice conditions.I'm going to wait till next Monday before I venture out.They're calling for very cold temps Thurs-Sun this coming week.I've waited this long, whats another week...............Mark
  2. agree. i'm waiting till next week. Hopefully that snow will blow off of skeeter.

  3. Nice...think im going to hit up Nimi Sunday morning or afternoon. Drove by friday and didn't see anyone fishing so went to OSP instead.
  4. Your right Mark the National Weather forcast from Wed. on for five days ..daytime highs in the teens overnight single digets...I have to agree with you what's another week...Jim...
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  5. well im really glad i didnt go up to skeeter yesterday.i will also wait for next weekend, im gonna hit mogadore or osp,,,
  6. Is Old state Park just the area by the boat ramp? AKA Portage Lake State Parks? Cant find term "old" on maps. Is ice fishable today?
  7. I'm going to wait until next weekend myself
  8. mrphish42

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    booky.....Best of my knowledge is.... OSP is where you are talking of (located off 619) and there is a new state park with the entrance located to the of Manchester Rd.
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    I really don't think that snow will be blowing off Sketter unless we get a Torado or someting ?? Tomb and I where there yesterday and there has to be 10" of snow on it !!!! Tom was the mule pulling the shanty Yesterday !! Thanks Tom !!!
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    i walked to a nearby large pond/small lake yesterday, it gets a lot of run off, it had 3"-4" of ice and about 8" of snow on top, after drilling holes water came out of the hole to about and inch or two....not good. got into some nice gills. didnt feel too safe though thats for sure.
  11. lots of wieght on the ice with all this snow
  12. I was on a pretty nice size pond last nite, after drillin a eight holes the water seemed to creep in in the shallow sections but i was alright in the 8 ft deep area.Didnt have thewater comin up, also had a nice 4" of ice