Ice Storm

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  1. Well, did anybody enjoy the ice as much as I did? Our power went out about 5:15 PM Tuesday and it finally came back on 12 hours later. It seems a pole broke off and snapped a line out in the middle of a corn field. The trucks couldn't go out there so the just hooked the line back together and left it hang about 10' off the ground. I'm glad I bought a new generator a couple of months ago. I keep me nice and warm and the fridge running along with the sump pumps working. I had put a smaller generator on the market forum but nobody wanted it. I'll bet a couple of the guys wished they would have bought it now. Hope that's the last of the ice for this year.
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    We lost power for a couple of hours when a tree took out some power lines. Ohio Ed did a fine job getting things going again. Some spectacular fireworks took place from the arcing between the two cables. I also got to go out right in the middle of the slop coming down with my chainsaw to help a buddy get a large pine branch out of his driveway.

  3. They are now saying 5 to 10 inches of snow possible thru saturday for those of us west of I-71. Enough!
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    Very well put.
  5. My power went out yesterday just long enough for me to drag the gererator out of the basement, start it, and dig out an extension cord. Soon as I came back inside, the power came on.

    My sump pump has been running non-stop for four days. Without power, mi casa would be under water.
  6. that snow looks like dollar bills to us snow plow guys haaaaa. i might be a minority or this but i welcome it haaa sorry