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  1. What is the best method for ice-out pike? I was planning on trying to get some creek chubs and bobber fish in a shallow muck bottom on the northern part of a lake by a inlet feeder creek... I was also curoius what the best way to rig for them is.. like the size of hook, if I need to add weight and try to keep it on the bottom.. or let the chub free swim with just a hook... also what is the best/easiest way to get creek chubs? any advice would be gratly apprciated!!!!!!!!!
  2. I fish chubs 2-3ft. under a big red and white round bobber. A hook to match the size of your bait with a steel leader and 2-3 split shot above the leader. If you can't get chubs suspending baits like a rogue or husky jerk size HJ14 should do the trick. Ocasionally if its a very warm day they will hit a slow rolled spinnerbait.

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    get yourself a minnow trap and some velveeta. toss it in a creek{with a rope}overnight. they may be hard to catch in early spring though...
  4. Thax for the replies... I never thought about the suspending cranks.. sounds like an idea I will have to try.....
  5. big black bunny leaches on a heafty fly rod:D !!
  6. now you cant leave me hanging on that one.... come on what is it;)
  7. Well I see you beat me askin about pike fishin Chip. Now maybe you and I will both know what were doing in a couple of weeks................Rich
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    I'll be hittin the cleveland harbors and marina's hard every chance I get as soon as I can get my boat in the water, I also planned on using lake shiners and chubs, also jigs under floats and big suspending and or floating cranks. I'll be posting if I'm catching, it's a new venture for me so I'm looking forward to it.
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    Using big hair jigs under a slip float in the spring time. It's a killer technique for pike. Believe it or not, marinas and boat docks are great places to fish for pike in spring. They love the structure and warm water. I know a lot of guys who fish them off of Erie, in Geneva, Fairport, and Mentor marinas.

    Also, on catching chubs: try using a tiny salmon egg hook tipped with a maggot or nightcrawler. Fish it in small streams under rapids. Works great.
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    Heck yeah Jim I caught a nice pack in January in the marina area at Edgewater on a jig and maggot under a float. I planned on doing some of that as well. In the latest in fisherman magazine they did a nice article on hair jigs under floats for ice out pike. Since I can't go west to walleye fish during the week I'm just going to pike fish in the harbors and marina's off Cleveland, if I have an open seat I'll have you meet up with us.

    It's not online but I suggest picking it up, a very very good read, timely too.