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Ice Fishing???

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by buckeyelake08, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. I have never been ice fishing and have never seen it done... I live near Buckeye Lake and fish it tons during the summer... Just wondering what it takes and safety for ice fishing... Any pointers or anything I would love to try it..
  2. Welcome to the Ice Fishing world...If you have never done it before...My suggestion to you would be take a drive by ..look for guys on the ice...venture out and talk to them...ask questions like the ones you have in your Post..In my opinion it is best to see and hear what they are using and doing...Most guys out there will be very helpful...every now and then you will meet an A Hole...don't let that discourage you...Above all remember this Think Safety when on the ice...Let us know what you think.......Jim......
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  3. first thing i wouldnt go alone! you might be able to tag along with one of these guys one day, that will help you with the ,DO'S AND DONT'S,
  4. peon

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    im sure when buckeye freezes up good and we "think its safe" (no such thing as safe ice) , we will be on buckeye with a buddy that fishes it all the time on the ice for eye's , if we go up and you have the day to go , you can join us, i have a few extra poles you could use!
  5. Buckeyelake08...There you go ,,,peon,,,just made you an offer that is hard to refuse,,,He will show you the ropes as well as letting you use some of his equipment,,,and you don't have to buy anything right off the bat,,,Hope you guys can hook up and give it a try,,,....Jim....
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    i cant promise anything because i have never fished the lake, but a good friend of buckeye tom's fishes it all the time and we plan to go out and fish with him. i am very trusting of this guy and know he will put us on fish.
  7. I have walked on the ice out there quite a few times, really if you call in you will be able to stand up :D ... Thanks tons for the offer..
  8. peon

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    looks like we might be going next saturday... the 24th
  9. I hope you guy's get togather next saturday...You will enjoy yourself there Peon...Keep us informed as how you liked it....Jim....
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    well toms buddy is going to erie sat. so i guess we arnt going to buckeye .. might end up at erie with them!