1. I know its kind of early but I wanted to get started in ice fishing this year. I was looking for someone with some experience that might be willing to show a newbie the ropes. I live in lake county, 20 min east of cleveland, so if there are any ice guys around that need a partner and are willing to teach a new guy some old tricks let me know. Thanks alot in advance!
  2. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    mdl91881.....Hey.....dont know if you have been following things in the Hardwater Discussions forum.......which is only a click or two away from this forum....Plenty of interesting things to be found there......Check out the thread, WANT TO GET TOGETHER.....dated 11/23.......it deals with guys that are trying to all get together (experienced or not) to do what you are talking about here.....Go to that "site " read some of it for yourself and if so....post that Yes, I 'd like to be included when the ice conditions get right.....It tells you right there ......the more the merrier....even if you don't have the tackle..there will be some for you to use.....If you want to learn, you gotta start some where.....and we plan to fish some lakes up your way also. Maybe Punderson/ Aquilla/ LaDue.....check the site out.....it's up to you.....Jon SR.

  3. thanks alot for the info... I check it out for sure!