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  1. I'm thinking of getting into ice fishing. I was wondering about any costs or equipment i would need, or any general information for ice fishing.
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    there is only one thing you really need to ice fish and thats a way to make a hole in the ice. you can use a spud bar or an axe but the nicest way is with an auger. the cheap augers are around $30-$40 or so.

    now if you find that you enjoy it theres a lot of stuff you COULD buy, but id wait to see if you actually like it first.

    are there any lakes or ponds nearby where they stock trout for ice fishing? thats a lot of fun and a good way to start. thats how i first got into it. we didnt have any special gear for years except for an auger.

    if you have any specific questions ask away.

  3. I would recomend a 5 gal. bucket to haul your gear and use as a seat. WARM boots and clothes. Auger and ice dipper and like hardwater said, your set for now. 7 bucks buys you a starter rod with a spring bobber if you don't wanna use the top of an old rod with a float.

    My first year I bought the basics.....I got hooked and the next year I built my own shanty. I take three rods out. Two to fish with and one for a spare.

    I've seen the most experianced diehard icefisherman with just a bucket and a couple of rods. Then there are the guys who set up shop on the ice with all the latest video gear, ice hotels, sleds, tarps, tip ups, alarms.....its all how much you want to spend....just like everything else in life.

    The most important thing is to always make sure you get off the ice on "your", dry and warm. Have fun!
  4. Yep. Bucket and a rod or two, some teardrop jigs, maggots and or waxworms and you're set.

    You're more than welcome to show up if and when Mogadore freezes up... I'll even provide gear. You'll need your own bucket or chair to sit on though. Dress warm! ;)
  5. Be careful though , its an addiction, and once youre hooked you develop "ice fishing brain" every year at this time. :)

    Seriously, if you get "hooked" on it, it'll grab hold of you stronger than anything you've ever known. BE CAUTIOUS OF WHAT YOU WISH!

    But have some fun!
  7. HA HA another one is about to bite
    Once you go ice you'll never be the same
    started with a stick,line and spud bar don't even want go where we're at now
    There's nothing better that being on the lake and outside when it's blowin and snowing
  8. You need to spend some time walking out on the ice and chatting with fellow ice-fisherman. They'd be more than glad to give you suggestions and tips.

    Heck, some of them may have some good, serviceable older gear they'd hand over to ya.
  9. Isn't the ice supposed to be atleast 8 inches thick to be safe enough to walk on? Atleast that's what i've heard. Thx for all the replies guys.
  10. There is no such thing as "safe" ice. There is good ice and bad ice.

    4" of good, clear ice is generally accepted as strong enough. That's what I what look for. Been out on less, though.
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    Any ice Carl goes out on and doesn't go thru, is safe ice.:D From what i hear.... everybody follows him out to the spot.:p
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    The biggest thing I had to get over when I first started was the "ice talkin'". Cracks and pops are still pretty spooky, but are just a part of ice angling. Had water come out of my holes last year at nimisila from the ice cracking! Snowmobiles and quads will get you wet to at portage lakes too!
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  14. hey thats why i make sure i have ice sticks, just in case i fall in ... i keep them wrapped around the back of my neck.....
  15. i agree with big daddy on the ice thickness. and ill just say ice fishin is just as addicting as crack