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  1. I am going in head first with the ice fishing this year( Ice permitting) I have the shanty,auger, rods,tip ups,vexlar, sled and accessories.

    My question is about spoons and jigs. I was wondering with the size of lake erie walleye, are the spoons and jigs needed bigger. 1/8 oz on the spoons seems to be standard but i'm not sure. Any help for a new ice fisherman would be greatly appreciated! Please feel free to add any other ice fishing gear must have ideas you might have.

    Se ya on the hard water,
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    BigT, most of the ice fishermen I know use 3/4oz-1oz Hopkins Spoons.Your 1/8oz would be good for the perch.......Mark

  3. BigT, bassmaster is right on, 1/8 oz. is about the smallest you want to go. If you fish deeper water you will want something larger. If the eyes are tight on the bottom you want the jig to really smack the bottom. I always use shiners on all 3 of the treble hooks as well. You might want to take along a gaff as well to get the eyes out of the holes. You can take a large treble hook, cut off one of the hooks and epoxy it to a smaller broom handle, or just buy one (they are pretty cheap). One tip is try to fish close to the pressure ridges (not to close) because there is current there. Watch your line, when it moves to one side of the hole or the other.... Hang on :B thats always worked for me. Good luck and be safe!
  4. Most important thing for fishing Erie is a Spud Bar! close second is a set of planks! Third is a DRY cell phone. If you do not know what #1 and #2 would be used or how to use them, ONLY go with a guide, or someone with alot of experiance!

    Here is a lure list in no particular order, jigging raps in size 7, a few 5s and a few 9s are good to have also. Pimples in size 6 and size 7 (1/2 and 3/4 oz) Buckshots in 1/4-3/4 oz, hopkins in 1/4-3/4 and I like to have a few jig and twister tails in 1/4-5/8 for those finicky days used as a dead stick with a med size shiner. Do not over look a few Vibees or similar blade baits. Doo-Jiggers also pull their share along with Cleos.

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    my absolute favorite on erie ice is #5 or #6 swedish pimple in nickel. second favorite is nickel with green prism tape.
  6. hawgjam, could not agree more with both your #1 and #2. The buckshots are starting to pull more for me as well, but I just love the old standby to much!
  7. While we are all helping him get his gear together, where can he (or I) buy one of the treble hook gaffs? I have a gaff that is small, but it still does not do well like I have seen the treble type.
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    I believe I bought mine at one of the Gander Mountain store a few years back ? not sure if they still have them ?
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    I have a couple treble hook gaffs here at the house if anybody needs them.Also fully stocked with a couple hundered Pimples and Buck Shot Rattlin Spoons.........Mark
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    Check out

    I just picked up 61 jigs for 26$.
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    yeah, i almost always seem to start with what works the best...the old standards. if those don't produce, i'll tie on the kitchen sink and jig it till i catch fish but we're probably in for a long day. most others mentioned in this thread have worked from time to time for me too. i'd bet that i've got more erie eyes off of those two first choices that all others combined. always like to hear new suggestions and always open to try something new!!! now all we need is some ice!!!!!!!
  12. "yeah, i almost always seem to start with what works the best...the old standards"

    I caught a 5 1/2 lber on a #5 pimple 2 years ago.... thats was the best time I ever had ice fishing. Nothing better then pulling monster eyes thru the ice!!! 1 other thing you NEED is what I call ice savers. Basically a nail in two sticks that hang around your neck, you can find them everywhere(gander, cabelas, bass pro etc...) these are a great safety items that should never be left in the truck no matter what!!! Any questions let me know and I will try to explain better how I made mine.