Ice Fishing Show

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  1. ....I have been watching an In-Fisherman show for the past three weeks...
    Saturday at 9:00 A.M. ..Channel 31...Fox Sports...On TWC...Must be a weekly thing for now......C...L....
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  2. symba

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    Caught every episode. As a beginner, all the little tactics they show off are really helpful to me.
  3. symba...Can you picture pulling a northern up through the ice the size they were...Caught the pouts like they were...when I ice fished Minn..One ugly fish put up a good fight...
  4. ive been watchin em for atleast a month now. its a good show.
  5. ...WELL?????What happened to the In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Show they had on every sunday..Maybe they took it off because of the warm weather we have had lately...Was looking forward to it a lot of good information...C.L....:confused: :confused:
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  6. hawgjam

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    i was really enjoying those.:confused: i managed to catch 2 of them on my dvr. i wonder if they'll come back or if their done airing them? i think thier the same shows that WallyJigR posted down below on vexilar's site... i guess we can watch them there.

    a lot of info-mercial in there, but fun to watch anyway.
  7. chaunc

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    The infisherman show comes on saturday on Time Warner cable. I watched it yesterday morning. WJ, they aren't the same shows from the vex site. Those were nice to watch tho.
  8. ...Just when I was getting involved with them....Last weeks (comming next week) was They were going to have the elpout contest they hold in Minnesota every yesr...Hopfuly it will be on next week end...C.L...:mad:
  9. got 'em taped. if i can't fish, at least i can watch someone else.