Ice Fishing Seminar

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  1. Well, it's that time of year once again... Time to stop dancin' long enough to share some tips on ice fishing.

    WHAT: Big Daddy's Ice Fishing 201 seminar

    WHERE: Gander Mountain, North Canton

    WHEN: Wednesday, January 16, 7PM

    I'll be going over some safety stuff, fishing basics, a few tips, and what works best on local hard water. Presque Isle Bay too! After that, we can all just hang out and talk fishing. I'll answer any questions I can, or at least point you in the right direction.

    See you on the 16th!
  2. Hey BD why don't they schedule these seminars prior to the ice season. Or is the matching of the stores schedule and yours kinda forces the later dates.

    For those wishing to try the hardwater , BD's seminars always gets excellent reviews from those that attend. I have met a few graduates of your seminars out on the ice and they really appreciated the insight concerning safety.

  3. The main reason is my schedule... It's been a busy time of year with the kids, work, wife working, etc., and it just hit at a later time this year. That's also the reason we moved them to weeknights rather than weekends...
  4. i've been to these before and they are very informative!!! keep up the great work big daddy...we all appriciate your efforts to expand hardwater enjoyment to all!!!!
  5. For those who miss the North Canton seminar, I'll be holding ANOTHER at the Twinsburg Gander Mountain on the first Wednesday evening in February.

    I'm hoping we'll have ice by then and I can refresh my info with some timely tips and maybe even photos.
  6. leadcorebean

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    i will be attending that one its right in my back yard.. i have a trip planned for lake simcoe on the 13th of feb so hopefully someone has some good info about the lake.
  7. where at simcoe???? ask krusty for details!!! he hooked us up on some info that helped tons!!!!! used a guide i was told not too because they did not speak english!!!! well they could and were THE BEST!!!! took angler of the month 02/06!!!!!!!!!! great fishing if you now the tricks of the north!!!!;) :D
  8. leadcorebean

    leadcorebean Charter Captain

    i think somewhere on the south end of the lake,but i guess u go where the fish are. thanks wave ill send him a pm
  9. I went to one a year or so ago. Nice.

    Suggestion: Why not have a "Sign up Sheet" where attendees sign in their info along with their web name, etc. It might just help down the road in contacted fellow hard water fisherman, etc.
  10. I'll be there Wednesday, and there will be a sign up sheet for those who want to sign up. :D

    Should be fun, as the ice is on it's way!
  11. i was at i believe your first one you did down at gander a couple years ago...i really enjoyed it.
  12. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I hope I didn't ramble too much.

    Like I said the the seminar, keep your eyes peeled here for trip plans, details, and ask some questions if you have any. They'll get answered.

    Thanks again!
  13. leadcorebean

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    Thanks again carl for taking the time to put that on.. im sure ill see ya on the ice next week!!!
  14. chaunc

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    Sorry i couldn't make it. Did anybody tape it?
  15. Boy did I screw up.. . I thought the seminar was tonight at the North Canton Store!

    ARGGHHHH... Bare Hook Again!
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    Thanks Carl for the great information. It was nice to meet some more OGF members.