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Ice Fishing Safety

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by tvfisherman, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Covered this story all day at work. There were actually 2 stories here. The Ice floe and near Oak Harbor a Sherrif's Deputy saw a snowmobile go through the ice but was unsure of what happened to the 3 guys he had seen with it.

    Ice floe strands 30 anglers on Lake Erie

    OAK HARBOR, Ohio (AP) - The Coast Guard has pulled nearly all of
    the 30 ice fishermen stranded on Lake Erie off the ice.
    A huge chunk of ice broke away earlier today and drifted about a
    half-mile off shore just east of Toledo (Ohio).
    Rescue crews used boats and a helicopter to get to the anglers
    and bring them to shore.
    They also rescued a dog that was with one of the fishermen.
    No injuries have been reported.
    One person who fell in the water was rescued by other fishermen.
    Most of the anglers had to leave behind on the ice their
    all-terrain vehicles, fishing shanties and the rest of their gear.
  2. Here we go again. Every year it seems people want to push their luck until they run out of it. Once again our Coast Guard are forced to put their lives at risk for some guys who can not use common sense. I don't go up on Erie but it seems that I have been reading plenty here about how the ice is breaking up and it won't be long until it is gone. That seems like a pretty good warning to me.:rolleyes:

  3. I'm wondering what kind of fines these people have to pay or rescue charges they might incur?
  4. I think we had this same discussion last year about this time. I don't know that they do incur any fines. But with the cost of the rescue mission it really does stink that we all have to be the ones to pay for these people's thrillseeking adventures.
  5. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    famous last words..........................................

    "just ONE more time" :rolleyes:

    i've been known to push things to the limit,myself.but it helps when you know what the limit is ;)
  6. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    They are not required to pay for resuce and there are no fines, there is nothing illegal about ice fishing.

    They will however end up paying big bucks to get their equipment back. The coast gaurd won't take it off the ice, so someone with an airboat will salvage the equipment and sell it back to them for a recovery fee.

    This really isn't any different than all of the boat rescues that are required all year long on Erie. Boaters and ice fisherman alike make bad decisions or are caught in unpredicted weather events.
  7. knowing that everything turned out ok all i can do is laugh at those guys. All it takes is a little commone sense. Warm temps over the last 2 weeks, south wind and everything west of them is open water. Just plain stupid if you ask me. I guess being embarressed on CNN is enough punishment but there really should be some kind of fine for that. Isn't there one for being stranded on bluegrass? sad thing is there is going to be another rescue attempt here in a few weeks with guys willing to risk it all for a few walleye in the river. happens every year. hopefully people learned not to tie the anchor to the stern of a boat, especially in high water situations.
  8. actually if your machines fall through they do give you a fine for littering, aslo the EPA will fine you for polluting if gas powered equipment go throughthe ice and is not recovered. :(
  9. i've always heard that you do get charged for be rescued by coast guard, huh. i hope those guys learned a lesson, but from the way they acted on the tv they didn't.
  10. Easy on em, the forecast EARLY that day were north winds 5 to 10 knots. The people with alittle experience got off the ice when the wind changed. I noticed noaa weather changed the forecast when the people were being rescued :mad: Was there the day before with no problems, glad everyone is alright. :)