Ice fishing Roadtrip-Michigan?

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    Anyone have any ideas for a good lake with good ice in lower Michigan? How has Houghton been in the past? Just looking for ideas...can't take it any longer and need to find some ice for a weekend trip
  2. sounds like there is a whole slew of us going up to Houghton next weekend, doing good on the walleye right now and i believe i heard they have 10" ice

  3. I plan to be in Alpena next weekend and hopefully catch some fish at Long lake , my nephew has been catching some nice perch and walleye through the ice up there. Thats a little northeast of Houghton lake though I believe.
  4. just read a report on Houghton.

    Good ice across the whole lake, average is 10"

    The Walleye, Pike, And Perch bite is pretty good right now, and the panfisherman are just starting to go after the gills and crappie with good reports coming in. Crappie are averaging 10-12"
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    Thanks for the reports I think i'm going to give it a day or two and see what the weather looks like for next weekend. that is about a 4 1/2 or 5 hour drive for me but it sounds like it might be worth a shot. Long Lake near Alpena could be a possibility also
  6. I have been on lakes near Jackson/Auburn Hills and Pickney. All had atleast 5 inches.

    Saw a few open lakes as well. Be careful and spud, but there is safe ice alot closer than Houghton.
  7. I was out on a few impoundments of the AuSable River this past weekend, some open water where there is a bit of current but the bays were around 8 inches of ice. A bunch of seasonal shanties are out all ready and we took the snowmobiles out on the ice on Sunday. I saw one huge pike taken 37 inches and no camera. The rest of the weekend I only saw hammerhandles. The snow was great around 12 to 14 inches we just rode all weekend the nephews could not take the sitting and fishing when there was gas to burn.
  8. The dockdabber in Delphos went Ice checking today , and nothing good to report. Checked all my hot gill ponds and found nothing more than 1" of ice on all of them. The last one i checked was wide open, no Ice at all. Going to IL Friday and if no Ice will return Monday with boat.
  9. Is Houghton or Higgins better to fish? How many hours from Toledo? I saw free fishin on weekend of Feb 16 & 17th, would it get crazy that weekend? Any info be great
  10. Docdabber, I plan on hitting IL on Saturday, I'm sure theice will be good at Long Island. Just to make sure I'll check with Mike on Friday and post here.
  11. Here is the Zip 48629 it is about 4 hours from Walbridge about 250 miles I think
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    we had plans to hit houghton this weekend but got reports the lake is lousy so we are heading about 35 miles north to margrethe ill post a report when i get back..