Ice Fishing out of boat in March

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  1. I an hopeing to give the Ice Jigging thing a try in March I did it one time yrs ago in Feb with no luck didn't anchor marked alot of high big marks. Did it again and found some jumbo Perch off Marble Head. I will be staying on Catawba Island wont have the water turned on yet but there will be electricity, gas heat, and a comfy bed. I would like someone with some trailer knowledge or boat loading knowledge because the ramps can be slick and my truck isnt a 4x4. Lots of variables but if I remember right these early fish can be nice sized ones that the guys missed from the night bite:)
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    i try to start that soon too and the ramps will be good to go,but they may not be in the water yet. this makes launching a 2 man job. should be some nice fish by green for jigging.

  3. I have never fished for perch and think it would be a blast also have boat exp.
    Just let me know when, I live in Canal Winchester east of Columbus.