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    Anyone here ice fish? I am going to give it a try this winter. Any advice appreciated as I have never tried it before. Also such as demographics where do you drill your holes close to shore or further out in deeper waters? Near structure? dams? bridges? Thanks in advance.
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    AK47......Welcome newbie. You can find ice fishing topics here.... But go to the General Discussions area and scroll down to the HARDWATER DISCUSSIONS area and that is where you will find a wealth of ice fishing knowledge from some of the better icer's around......Good luck...Jon Sr.

  3. now what body of water in particular are we talking about? i caught steelhead thru ice in chagrin, trout on punderson lake, panfish in other spots. the iceover period is sometimes too short to even get out and fish, or the ice stays dangerous to walk on. however, i have some good memories, like when my dad caught a 35" pike on a jig'n'maggot while luring steelies...
  4. I think I read somewhere that ice fishing on rivers is never safe. If my memory sever me correctly, I think I read it on the metroparks blog report for the rocky river. Is this true? If so, why?
  5. in my opinion for the winters i remember we never had enough ice to fish on rivers. Due to the fact that the water is constantly moving, the moving water can keep the ice from getting solid and many other possibilities but that is just my opinion
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    You guys need to be asking your questions in the Hardwater Forum.You'll get more replies there..............Mark
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    Goto or call gander mountain for when they will be starting their icefishing seminars and tourniments. There are some great tutors willing to help out us newbees.
    don m
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    i would not recommend ice fishing on a river no matter how think the ice is cause if you do happen to go thru the river will drag you down stream along with the flow and you will not get out.