Ice Fishing Jigs..a few questions

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  1. I am new to this ice fishing gig and have a few questions regarding ice fishing jigs. Ill be mostly fishing for crappies, Bluegills and perch.
    1st question, what types of jigs do all you panfishermen like to use out there?

    2nd, What size do you guys like and why? 1/32, 1/64/ etc. and does it change with different species?

    Last, I hear the Glow in the dark jigs are the way to go, what is everyones thoughts on that. Do they really make a big difference?

    Just waiting for ice now, Thanks guys!!

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    There is a 40 pc set on jammin jigs for 12$ right now. It has all sorts and sizes in it. Most of the jigs are made for the pan fish.

    Also, if your going to be fishing a private farm pond for gills/crappie - I'd go with the Ant jig. They are absolutely dangerous for gills..

  3. ...As Perchy101 says...Jammin Jigs would be a good start..the assortment will give you a variety..after that you will add one here and two there...What ever you feel would create a strike...Colors vary from day to day...Have some I have never used but look good...There is a ton out there...C.L....
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  4. Bassmastermjb (Mark) has a huge assortment at his tackle shop. His prices are darn cheap also.
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    Size 10 is just about all I use. I've landed everything from 4lb Bass to 4" bluegill. I have some glow jigs, but don't use them ALL the time. I usually don't fish really deep water or at night though. Goto a local shop and pick out some you like, find a type or color you like or get their opinion about what colors work well in your area. Once you find jigs you like go nuts and fill the box! Jammin makes good jigs. I'd say 75% of my ice jigs are Jammin.
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    you could write a book about ice fishing with jigs. im my mind i break jigs down like this:

    style horizontal (aggressive) or vertical (passive) (there are also hybrid jigs that hang at an angle)

    i usually have either two horizontal jigs tied on or one of each. jig the horizontal jig and let the vertical jig rest. you can jig or deadstick with either type but i definitely like horizontal jigs because they can be made more lifelike by jigging.

    size. bluegills, size 14, 12 or 10 with 12 being my top choice.

    crappie, size 12 through 6 with anything from a 12 or 10 horizontal jig to a 6 vertical jig hanging a minnow are my choices.

    perch, like bluegills and crappies, depending on if youre using larvae or minnows, but using larvae id say id go with a 10 or 8.

    color: i do not beleive the hype but i have a lot of glow jigs. they do work well especially after dark for crappies. i dont think theyre magic though. i like natural colors the most. white, yellow, with touches of red. black, etc. green is always good. experiment. after dark i only fish with glow colors.

    to stock you up with jigs id look for the following:

    half vertical half horizontal, mostly sizes 8 through 12, especially 10 and 12, in a variety of colors, some glow. id say it could be done with 30 jigs.

    something like the neon sunfish kit here:

    but that wouldnt include everything id want. i would probably go through and pick and choose certain jigs. not enough smaller horizontal jigs. and add a few crappie ball jigs. not enough variety of vertical jigs. custom jigs and spins and Lindy are two other great jig makers.

    ultimately you will discover your own favorites but that should get you off to a decent start. we all have our own opinions. but those are the types of things i will almost always have tied on as far as jigs go.
  7. I use size 8 hooks on my jig, and theye are both 1/64 and 1/80. I will be making molds for size 10 and 12 jigs. and tying a few marabou before the ice season.
  8. Thanks guys, some great info, keep it coming, Im sure a bunch of folks are reading this one with ice on the horizen...;)

  9. ...As... icebucketjohn ...said ...bassmastermjb bait and tackle will have more ice jigs to choose from ...I don't know how far New Lisbon is from here ...but if you are up here check him out...C.L....
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    jammin jigs has a glow kit.. i bet if you got that kit and tried them all out and figured what you liked you would be happy with the kit.. i bought one and want another and i even make my own jigs and mine dont compare to jimmin jigs... by the way i dont use anything for panfish that dont glow!
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    hey hardwaterfan...i don't think i've ever seen it stated better and more concise...great information for all!!! two cents...i like the glows especially at dusk.
  12. dont forget that there have been advances lately. If you looking for high qualtity jigs get some made from tungsten, they are much heavier and easier to fish with, also more pricey. Also lots of fish can be caught with small plastics. sometimes better than with bait. the thin noodle styles fished wacky rigged on a horizontal jig work well. One of the most popular styles right now is the Little atom micro nuggie, on a horizontal jig.

    Tungsten jigs:

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  14. i dont know how to get them. They all used to be in a catolog on I think they were distributed by a company called adams.
    The site dosent work now. Used to just go to nisid and open a pdf catalog of all kinds of good stuff. Im guessing someone on can tell us how to get some.
  15. go to customjigs&spins site.Their Rat Finkee is a good one.So are their other stuff.Jammin' jigs has good stuff too.I use both companies lures.[steelhead like Rat Finkees SSSHH !] glow lures have not worked for me yet.Also buy some small Acme Castmaster spoons 1/8 oz chrome/gold/& painted[not too shiny] attach a 3 - 4 inch dropper line with a jig . remove treble from spoon add maggies start jigging.Gander MT. what is it ? Northland stuff ? buy some jigheads 1/32 - 1/64 various colors . buy some 1" twister tails. Gander usually has a few colours & One Stop Fishing Shop at La Due Lake has some [call 1st]1-440-834-2248. Caught steelhead at edgewater park with twisters.Gills & perch at Presque isle , with & without jigging spoon .Like black white pink chart tails.Add orange & yellow to that for leadhead jigheads from Gander.MMMM , fresh fried panfish come on ! ;)