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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mkombe, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. mkombe

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    Im looking for a good place to purchase an Auger. The only one I saw at Dicks was a power Auger and I was looking for a manual one. If anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it.

    With the cold weather now, Ive gotta get out and hit the ice!

    Also, where do most of you do your ice fishing at? Im not trying to snoop on any secret spots, ive just never ice fished in Central Ohio before.

  2. bruce


    gander east.

  3. I donh't know where you are located, but the old dutchman on sunbury rd. south of hoover dam Westerville has hand augers. Ask for Judy
  4. Old Dutchman also has sharpened blades for augers. They take your old ones in on trade.
  5. Don,t know if You are an ebay fan,but You can buy a good auger for about 1/2 price with shipping.I just purchased another recently-strike king mora for about 40.00(new).
  6. i sent mkombe a message stateing i have a auger 6" or 8" with 2 or 3 tip ups they are orange , ice picks, cleats, 1 gander ice pole, with a homemade icepole cheap reel and the end of a cheap pole. some jigs. more then likely some bobbers, should be a clip on depth finder/lead weight and a bucket. The auger has popped at the most five holes oh yeah a slush remover the protective blade cover was broken in the box so i modified a dutchboy paint bucket plastic that protects the blades 55.00 dollars for lot i live 5 min from buckeye lake i can post a pic later tonight or bring it over to the lake but my ice fishing is done. . 17404048833 takes to long for my knees to recover
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    Where to go in Central Ohio....First, stay off of Hoover too much fluctuation in water levels it can be dangerous. Buckeye and Alum are 2 good choices and fish are being caught at both lakes. I know nothing about Delaware Lake.
    I have an Eskimo 8" auger for $25, I put new blades on it last year and only drilled 6-8 holes before the ice went away. Read the posts in the Hardwater forums about Buckeye and Indian as well as some of the SAFETY posts. The posts about Buckeye are saying 5" of very good ice and with last nights zero degree temps it only got better. I will be at Buckeye today on my bucket out at Fairfield Beach somewhere:D
  8. Betain

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    Auger wise I normally have seen them for sale at Fisherman's warehouse on Williams on the South Side (between lockborne and parsons). Have not been there yet this season to see if they have any but they normally do have some for sale plus they have bait and tackle as well.

    As for ice fishing I have always been a big fan of Knox Lake, it is a little bit of a drive but it is a pretty fun place for gills and channel catfish through the ice with the occasional bass, crappie or perch thrown in. Alum can be nice for crappie in early ice in the bays. Private ponds if you can find them and get permission are great. Never tried Buckeye, I have a bad taste in my mouth about eating fish from there due to experiences in the 90's and when I ice fish it is not normally catch and release.

    Hoover they will come out and yell at you to get off the ice, of course if you are far enough out there they are not going to come out there after you all though they may wait for you at the car. It is probably pretty unsafe to fish there. There are also a couple smaller lakes around buckeye (the names escape me now) that are pretty good in the winter all though they tend to not ice up as quickly due to all the vegetation in the summer time, but they hold some fish and are not heavily ice fished.

    I am partial to heading north though, all kinds of good reservoir lakes and of course the mother of all lakes in Ohio if it ices up this year, it is worth the drive sometimes.
  9. Quick question, what size pimples do u all normally use around here? I am was wondering what was considered too big. thanks
  10. shroomhunter

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    Quote from Betain:Never tried Buckeye, I have a bad taste in my mouth about eating fish from there due to experiences in the 90's and when I ice fish it is not normally catch and release.

    Betain I'll take all the saugeye and crappies you catch from Buckeye:)
    If you've never fished it why do you not like to eat fish from there?
    And by the way...I've never been able to figure out what that meat at Arbys is either, it just doesn't look quite right!!
  11. mkombe

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    Thanks everybody for all the help. I really appreciate it.

    Also, thanks for the heads up about Hoover. I had thought about hitting it up.

    Jshbuckeye: Thanks for the info. I may give you a call this weekend as im going to try to go out possibly on Saturday and definately on Sunday.
  12. Betain

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    I guess what I meant by never tried Buckeye was I have never tried buckeye for ice fishing. I use to fish it a lot and had a boat docked out there throughout the early to mid 90's. We caught a lot of fish there of many different species and they always seemed to taste like mud. So from a couple years experience there I pretty much stopped keeping and eating anything from there, there are other lakes I can fish where the taste was always a notch above. Keep in mind the Hybrid and Suageye stocking out there is pretty recent so i was not catching those back then.

    I do still fish it now but it is mainly catch and release, maybe the fish taste better there in the winter or maybe the lake is cleaned up enough now that the fish do not taste quite as ripe anymore.

    Hoping the ice is good now though, plan on hitting Knox tonight and a private pond tomorrow, hope I don't fall in. As for Arby's I really do not know if it really can be classified as meat, but it sure does taste good.
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    if you're gonna buy a hand auger--IMO there's only one to consider...LAZER--i've owned both the mora and lazer and the lazer blows the mora away--the only thing to consider is that the lazer replacement blades are more $$, about $24--the best way to preserve any hand auger you purchase is to be VERY gentle when placing the blades down on the ice to start your holes and they should last several seasons--resharpening seldom works for very long
  14. The best auger far and away is a Nils...look them up on the internet. you can drill 12" of ice is under 10 seconds. 6" is perfect for saugeye, crappie, bluegill, most everything in central ohio. No pressure placed on the top of the hand auger, all done very simply and remarkably easy.