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Ice Fishing Garage Sale Oct 21 and 22

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by AtticaFish, Sep 20, 2017.

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    Posting this for papaperch, he can no longer log in with his account. If you have questions, his phone number and address is in the below post. THANKS!


    Garage Sale Oct 21 and 22

    Prior to Garage sale , I will be conducting an informal free seminar on
    ice fishing electronics. Will cover all but most specific on Garmin's
    Panoptix. I am not employed or connected in any way to Garmin. But I do
    know a winner when I see it. Due to our short ice season last year. Only
    used the Panoptix for two weeks. But have had on my boat for quite
    awhile now. If not that many interested won't do demo but can still talk
    about it for those who are interested.

    Seminar will probably take only20-30 minutes. Have two units to use for
    demo/seminar. Humminbird 798 HD and a Garmin GPSMAP 721XS. Both units
    will be for sale after demo.

    Anyway garage sale to be located 6369 S. pricetown rd Berlin Center Ohio
    44401. Hours 10 am- 5 pm each day

    Seminar to be at 930 am both days. A brief but not inclusive list ,
    Augers 1 -8 inch Ion , 1- 4 inch Strikemaster and 1- 8 Nils. All types
    of rods and reels. Some lures , couple custom sleds for gear hauling ,
    rod carriers & protectors. Lure storage boxes.

    If interested in either sale or demo contact me via phone or text a

    Most expensive would be the Garmin721XS @ 550 and the Ion 8 inch
    electric auger w/reverse.

    Will sell anything beforehand except the FF/GPS units
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  2. I'm interested in one of your custom sleds and a handful of panfish lures. Not 100% I can make it up for the sale but I'd like to try.