Ice Fishing Fish Taste Better

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  1. Is it just me or are there others that feel that fish caught by ice-fishing taste better?
    Maybe their fat content is higher thus adding more flavor. Either way, I feel it is worth it to chill a bit to reap the benefits of good-tasting Lake Erie fish.
  2. Personally I Don't Eat Fish, But Everyone That I Know Agrees With You Hp. They Swear By Fresh Out Of The Ice.

  3. They Taste As Good As There Going To Get. Cleaning Half Frozen
    Fish I Think Is Alittle Easier Also. Less Slim,not That I Mind! :D
    The Crappie,perch And Gills Out Of The Strip Cuts Hold Some Of The Best Tastin Fish Year Round. If U Can Get Into A Cut In The Summer
    Check It Out. Well Worth It! :cool:
  4. Cleaning Fish caught from Ice Fishing is still a challenge. For some reason, the smell that gets on your hands is harder to wash off from partly frozen fish compared to warm fish during the spring and summer. For me that is
  5. I don't see any difference but I do skin all my fish as well as remove the lateral line. Many fish caught from ponds or weedy areas may taste better in the winter as the water is usually cleaner.
  6. My theory colder the water , the firmer the flesh . There is a reason that us nuts in the hard water forum, look forward to cold weather. Almost all the ice fishing guys I know do not practise C&R. We are there to F & F. Fillet & Fry
  7. Two ideas already tossed around are what I think makes them taste better...
    Lets not forget the flesh is not breaking down and sitting in water where bacteria developes... This is as fresh as fish can get unless you clean your catch as its caught and slip it into a frypan or fryer!!!
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    Makes sense as they are fresh frozen. Fish deteriorate quickly, so these are starting out cold & stay cold. A summer fish might be 70-80° to start with, then tossed in a hot livewell. At best a cooler and gets down into the high 30's, where these winter fish are already in the high 30's then taken down colder. That's my story & I'm stickin' to it !!
    I read aa article from In-Fisherman about care of fish, it said to bleed them out & pack in ice right away. To bleed them out, you remove the gills & gut them, then pack in ice (as you catch them) :eek:
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    i know the crappies i caught and ate last night never had a chance to get more than a few degrees above freezing.out of the water (38) onto the ice (32) into the back of the truck (30) then into the baking pan (425) :p

    they tasted great!!
  10. I fried a batch of perch the other night. The bag was labeled 10-30-04. Every bite was incredible. I prepared them, and fried them as I have done for years, but me and my girlfried agreed that for some reason, this was the best batch I ever did. I don't know why.
  11. mr.fishohio -- I could not agree with you more. I think this is the only reason hardwater fish taste better than fish caught any other time of the year.