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  1. This winter I would like to try ice fishing at Presque Isle. I've never been ice fishing before and not sure on what I need to get started. What are the essentials? Pole, special line, lures? Are the electronics a must have? I guess there's no getting around needing an auger.

    I dont have a lot of ice fishing opportunities in southern Ohio, so I dont wanna fork out a bunch of bucks on ice fishing equipment. Ofcourse if I find I like it, I'll make the investment.

    I've been told u can rent equipment on St. Clair, is this true for Presque Isle? That might be best for a first timer.

    Tips on finding fish will be my next question:confused:
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    24" light action rod, 2-4lb test Berkley ice line a few pin-mins and an auger will get you started for a reasonable price, probably under 75 bucks. Grab a bucket and look for holes or shanty towns. Electronics are a must try, then a must buy once the suck you in! They help locate the fish and tell you the depth you're in. Dick's usually has pretty decent basic stuff for pretty cheap, especially if you use the golden coupon ($10 off $25).

    Most people have extra stuff too, if you can hook up with someone and borrow the stuff for a day that could save you some money if you don't get a good first impression.

    Good luck, it's quite addicting!

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    Heres the most important out for thin ice! Get a spud bar to carry with you to check thickness. Thats the best tip I know to give you. Be safe!:)
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    Be aware that a Pennsylvania, non-resident license is very expensive plus you need a Lake Erie stamp. To make matters worse, they expire on December 31.

    You can buy them at Gander Mountain at the mall that you pass on the way into Erie, PA. My season license cost $82 with the stamp.

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    My advice is just watch these boards and coordinate a trip with someone. If they are like most ice fishermen, they have plenty of gear to share and they will give you a more informative and safe first trip out.
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    i live in vinton county . not to far from you.. if you want to hook up with me and buckeye tom this season pm me and you are welcome to join us.. we have all the stuff you will need other then warm clothes.
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    Warm clothes (layers) and very good boots. You won't have much fun if your cold. Good boots don't have to be extremely expensive.
  8. I'm planning on doing more ice fishing seminars again this year in the NE Ohio area. A new wrinkle (if I can get web access) is I will be web streaming them. There will be announcements and links for all who want to peek in.

    More to come...
  9. You can use any rod ice fishing as long as you have really light line, just that it is a lot easier if its short. I use the top half of a 5 foot rod with an ultralight reel taped to it with electrical tape, works good. A must have is something to strain the ice chips out of the hole ...for a while I used a slotted spoon from the kitchen but found an actual ice strainer at wal mart for a few dollars and upgraded. Everything else you will just have to break down and buy or borrow, there is just no way to get around the need for an auger, a sled of some type, and the jigs/tackle you plan to use and a shanty if you want one. I have been slowly building up my ice fishing gear a little at a time when I can so that I dont have a large expense all at once so it can be done. Many on this website have helped me out a lot getting into icefishing, dont be afraid to ask. :)
  10. Definitely try to go with someone for your first time.

    Sharpens the learning curve big time and lets you see if you like it without being pot committed.

    Ice fishing can be basic and inexpensive or get complicated and expensive in a hurry. Just like most fishin/hobbies.

    I would highly recommend Mickey Mouse boots to keep you feet warm. They are army supplus boots. Relatively inexpensive and fantastic at keeping your feet warm.

    Keep asling questions/tag along and soon you will be an ice guru.
  11. Mickey mouse boots ? Are you talking about the boots that you can inflate with air for insulation? Ive heard them called "bunny boots" as well, if thats what you are talking about. My brother in law had some of those and wore them ice fishing, since they are inflated we made a lot of jokes about if he falls through the ice he will float feet upward ! Ha! thats a funny memory. They are extremely warm though. Ive just been using regular snow boots with a felt liner I bought at walmart and they have kept my feet warm, but Ive never been out on the ice more than a few hours at a time. One things for sure...if your feet get cold then your whole body will be.
  12. Those are the ones.

    I never inflate them. I was told it doesn't matter and I have never had frosty toes in them. I have been out on the ice for 10 straight hours with these boots and never got cold.
  13. Thanks for the invite. I'll take you up on that. Does the ice actually get thick enough around here to get out on? Or do you guys go north?
  14. I believe there is a post on here that I made last year where everyone threw i a few tips.
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    i have ice fished for hmm , 8 years or so and i have never walked on any water other then lake rupert and alma and they are both in vinton county. well a few ponds here locally . we start on 3 inches of ice and have had ice so thick you couldnt get your hand around it.. but its been a few years for that thick of ice..
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    My biggest fear when ice fishing is falling through the ice. Seen it once and its was very scary. i always keep two short shank screw drivers in my coat pocket or on a rope around my coat hood. If you do fall in the you can use the screww drivers to dig into the ice and help pull you out or at least get a grip so you don't slide under. Have fun and be careful
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    i have a set of these ice picks and they are cheap and there is no reason for anyone to be on the ice without a set.
    they go together so if you fall on the ice they wont stab you like screw drivers will.. and i see alot of people fall on the ice! also might get a good cheap set of slip on cleats for when there is no snow on the ice to give you traction. i got my cleats and ice picks on ebay a few years back as a safety pack also came with a whistle and it was like 15 bucks after shipping..
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    Even better!%
  19. I have a question about the spud bar. If using it to check for weak ice...seems like if you chop at the ice ahead of you with the spud to "feel" the ice thickness you can only realistically get few feet ahead of you and if the spud goes through the ice you probably will too, especially since many spuds are quite heavy. If you are on questionable ice I dont understand how chopping at it 3 feet ahead of you with a heavy steel bar can help your situation. Seems almost like searching for landmines with a hammer , unless I am missing something or not sure how the spud is used.
  20. I see what you are saying about a spud bar, but I can tell you from first hand experiance they work.

    If you can bust through in a certain amount of whacks (varies depending on spud bar) you need to turn around and go the other way. They are also good for identifying week spots before you get to them. I starte fishing with out a spud bar, but as I got more adventurous about first and last ice I finally got one and it has probably kept me from getting wet on more than one occasion.