ice fishing at quarries ?

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  1. Not asking anybody to give away their honeyhole or anything but I am wondering if there are quarries in northern ohio that are open to ice fishing. Assuming the ice is good and thick of course since the water is usually very deep. ??????????????
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    Yonder,there are an abundance of strip pits or sand and gravel quarries in NE Ohio, but all the ones I fish and know of are private. EAP in Southern Ohio is open to the public and there are 100's of old strip mines that are fishable.REMEMBER when fishing these places, most are very deep and are spring fed from underground.The waters coming from these springs are warmer than 32 degrees.You can be standing on 6 inches of ice in one spot and your next step the ice could be 2 inches or less.This is the reason most land owners do not let people fish the quarries,has to do with the insurance factor. If you come across a land owner that will let you fish one, never fish them alone and take all the required safety gear.............Mark