Ice Fishing Activity Report Friday 01/16

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by icebucketjohn, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. Punderson - 5:00 pm NOBODY on the lake

    Portage Lakes - 1:00 pm
    North Resevoir - 1 Shanty at the small island
    East Reservoir - Nobody

    Ladue - 7:00 pm 1 Shanty on west side of St Rt 44 near Bridge
    (Nobody at St Rt 422 or the Boathouse)

    Twin Lakes (East) - 8:45 pm 1 Shanty

    Nobody night fishing anywhere at Mogadore including the following areas: 8:00 pm

    Rt 43 Boathouse: Both West Side or East Side
    Congress Lake Road: Both West Side & East Side
    Lansinger Rd Boat Stake Area
    North Dike/Sunnybrook
    North Dike/Old Forge

  2. only seen 2 shantys on mogadore yesterday afternoon. one off of congress lake .one off of palm gonna try to get out sunday