Ice Fishing 3/29/08

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    Went ice fishing up in the Rocky Mountains. Ice was still 33" thick up there while down here in Denver it's been thawed out for a while. Had a great day even though I have to admit I got the skunk. I seen 8 fish all day (you could see the bottom) but I still used the vex anyways then would look down once I marked fish. I had one fishing hitting my buck shot rattle spoon really good but he got the treble hung up in the line and then I just wasnt able to set the hook on him. All in all a great day. I had my OGF flag but winds hit about 20 + mph and it just wouldnt stay on the shanty but it was on there 1st thing in the morning. Didnt think to get the pics then as I didnt think the wind was going to pick up like that. :)

    Buddy of mine did get 2 rainbows. Was glad to see someone get fish! Man will I sure miss the high country

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  2. Zfish

    Zfish More Horsepower Raider!!

    BTW : We were up a little more than 9000ft above sea level. Talking about huffin and puffin after dragging the shanty around. I was also very glad that they had gas augers. I dont think I could have manually cut 33" of ice lol

    Also you can't beat how nice some of the guys are out here and how willing they are to help out. I hope in the future some of them come out to Ohio so I can take them fishing and return the favor.

  3. Nice fish! There's still ice somewhere!
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    Cool pic's......But some-how seeing the dressed for 50 below.... tomorrow being April Fool's Day.......Makes me very's going to be quite a while before I'm back on ice for next season.....THANKS for the info. sharing......I enjoyed it....for a fleeing second.....Jon Sr.
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    zortman fishes for sissy fish :D
  6. wow.. very cool...

    thanks for sharing those awesome pics

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