Ice Fishermens New Best Friend

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Perchy101, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Perchy101

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    Other then a flasher.

    Friend of Dads showed us this neat little tool that can be used for your 16.4 OZ bottles of fuel


    Buy Me

    I hope it works that way I think it will...

    Anyone ever mess with this type of deal?
  2. I think Harbour Freight has them.

  3. Perchy101

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    We picked one up tonight... Will probably test it out by the weekend.
  4. freyedknot

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    with the danger involved messin with propane, i think i like buying them prefilled.
  5. I'll go along with you ...freyedknot...I'll buy mine prefilled...Jim...
  6. My buddy had something like that a few years ago, cant remember if it was the same thing or not. Anyway it seemed like he was only getting the cannisters halfway full. Hope it works out for you.


    You have to get the 16oz bottle cold before you try and refill them. Put it in a refrigerator or outside for a little while. They will fill up alot better.
  8. Perchy101

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    Thanks! We will be out on the ice with them so I'm sure they will be rock hard by the time they are empty.
  9. I have used one of these for a good 15 years now with no problems.
  10. neocats1

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    I have one that I use. No problems except the bottles don't seem to get completely full. Have to try cooling them down first.
  11. To get a better fill you need to chill the bottles and fill with the large tank upsidedown. They never seem to get as full as a new one but your paying a third the cost for propane by volume. The other problem i have had is sometimes the valve on the bottle will have a very slow leak after filling which i remedy by putting it right on the heater or the lantern. However, I now have a 10# tank with a hose and found that it's easier than messsing with all those bottles.
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